Soul Hangs

Join us for an inspiring night of authentic soul connection, sisterhood, and spirited nutrition. We’ll talk all things health and wellness, self-love, inner alchemy, relationships, manifesting — soul stuff (the stuff that really makes you glow); and provide high vibe inspiration, advice, and practical tools to catapult you into achieving the life of your dreams. Think of it as group coaching, (but with your entire girl gang).

Nourish your mind, body, and soul with these transformative hour long sessions dedicated to finding direction, connection, and clarity. We’ll begin each session with a guided meditation followed by an intimate discussion focusing on a specific topic devoted to spirited nutrition, health and wellness. We’ll dive deep into what’s blocking you from feeling your absolute best, offer up ways to create more harmony in your life, and wrap with an interactive Q&A where you get a chance to ask us about anything that’s got you feeling stuck.

Girl's night just got a whole lot better.


Soul Hangs are available as single 60 minute sessions or as a weekly series.

Topics include (but are definitely not limited to):

-Detoxification & Cleansing
-How To Connect With Your Inner Alchemist & Live In Alignment With Your True Purpose
-Mindful Nourishment, Enlightened Eating, Self-love & Spirited Nutrition
-How To Bring the Vibe, Own the Room & Be Irresistible
-Getting Unstuck

OR tell us what you would love to talk about in your Soul Hang and we’ll create a custom soul sesh just for you and your tribe.

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