Kitchen Bliss

Your kitchen can be one of two things:

A space that adds nourishment, vitality, and enhances your life and well being.
A space that causes major stress and totally kills your vibe.

Transform your kitchen into your very own farm-acy. Learn how to stock your kitchen with foods that nourish your highest self and leave you glowing from the inside out.

Work with Urban Alchemy’s co-founders, Erika & Jess, as they perform a total kitchen and pantry overhaul customized to your specific health and wellness goals. During this hands on two hour session, we will discuss your personal health and wellness goals, assess your current kitchen inventory, show you how to properly supply your kitchen with the highest quality medicinal plant foods available and guide you on how to choose nutrient dense high vibe products and healthy alternatives to all your kitchen staples.

This is Spirited Nutrition,
                      kitchen edition — totally blissed out.


-A customized kitchen space tailored to your specific health and wellness goals
-Urban Alchemy's entire Holistic Kitchen Collection which includes our:
-Game Changing Meal Prep Guide
            Everything you need to know to make healthy plant-based eating simple, practical, and
            as easy as possible.
-High Vibe Shopping Guide
            No more stressful shopping trips! Learn how to maneuver your way through the grocery
            store with confidence and ease. Our High Vibe Shopping Guide makes food shopping
            super quick, easy and convenient.
-Sample Shopping List
-Smart Shopping Tips
-Recommended brands, info and advice on where, and how to shop in order to waste less, save money & spend less time at the grocery store.
-Super simple, super easy, super delicious plant-based recipes and tutorials that you and your family will absolutely love
-Plus a sneak peak into our kitchen!

Gain high vibe nutrition knowledge, discover a newfound kitchen confidence and totally transform your health and your life forever.

Ready to be revived?
We would love to work with you!

Is this program right for me?
The answer is Yes if:
You are serious about getting healthy and want to change your ways.
You want to look and feel your absolute best.
You are in need of a fresh approach to wellness.
You are ready for a change but don’t know where to start.
You want to learn how to make healthy homemade meals.
You want to ditch your unhealthy habits (for good).
You want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet.
You are willing to get your butt in the kitchen.
You want your kitchen to become a stress-free zone.

The answer is No if:
You are not ready to make the commitment to your health.
You don’t want to make any changes.
Totally fine, we’ll be here when you are.

Price: $325


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