Do you feel guilty when it comes to food? Are you confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating? Are you constantly stressing about calories? Obsessing over your weight, and frustrated with quick fix fad diets that never seem to work?  If yes, this program is for you.

Forget about the numbers, the calories, the diets and all the 'rules.'
Our focus is on feeling good — really good. 

A cleanse (of sorts). This is the EXACT program that’s helped us totally transform our lives and create the kind of kick-ass health we dreamed about. 

Detox without deprivation
Success without starvation
Results without restriction  

Discover next-level nourishment for your mind, body & soul in just 14-days. 

This is a 100% online course that you can participate in from anywhere.

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Love Bomb Bootcamp

You've probably heard of a bootcamp before. Usually they take place in a gym, consist of lots of squats, burpees, and sweat, and have a dedicated time-line with an aesthetic-focused end goal.

This isn't that. Obviously. 

Love Bomb Bootcamp is a bootcamp for your heart, mind, and soul. And it requires just as much (if not more) dedication.

While you don't have to go anywhere to get it done (it takes place in your real, everyday life), and there are no squats (promise), there is a dedicated timeline (30 days).

And the real clincher... in Love Bomb Bootcamp, the end goal isn't aesthetic. (Though, you will likely begin to fancy your own reflection in the mirror.)

The end goal is self-love, self-acceptance and self-celebration. And that's way more powerful than any number on a scale.


We aren’t your typical nutrtionistas so this isn’t your typical nutrition coaching. Forget about the numbers, the calories, the diets and all the ‘rules.’ Our focus is on feeling good — really good.

This is how we work.

We cover diet and nutrition (digestive ailments, skin issues, energy, weight loss, food frustrations, cravings, stress, kitchen chaos & confusion), we meet you exactly where you’re at.

We also cover the sexy and spirited, self-love, soul stuff — the stuff that really makes you glow.

With an individualistic approach, we create a custom game-plan tailored to your specific health and wellness goals, and provide the tools necessary for you to achieve them. During your session we provide a loving, supportive, inspiring, and non-judgmental space for you to speak your truth and more importantly, share your shit (all of it).

Together, we’ll work through the internal baggage that you didn’t even know you were carrying around and uncover your best self.

If you’re ready to move forward, take your health to the next level, nourish your mind, body, and soul — fearlessly, joyfully and with clarity around what you want and how to get it, we’d love to support you.

Soul Hangs

Join us for an inspiring night of authentic soul connection, sisterhood, and spirited nutrition. We’ll talk all things health and wellness, self-love, inner alchemy, relationships, manifesting — soul stuff (the stuff that really makes you glow)and provide high vibe inspiration, advice, and practical tools to catapult you into achieving the life of your dreams. Think of it as group coaching, (but with your entire girl gang).

Corporate Wellness

Optimize the health of your team, boost productivity and performance with our corporate wellness workshops, cleanses and seminars. Provide your employees with health and wellness education to create a healthy, thriving, more productive work environment. Support, accountability and tangible results (infused with spirited nutrition & high vibe soul medicine) — your employees will thrive and so will your business. 

This is Spirited Nutrition, office edition.