There’s more to life than the grind, there’s living — and we’re on a heart-driven mission to help beautiful women, just like you, remember that. 


You, like all people, deserve to thrive — to experience glowing health, to feel good, really good, 
and to live a life way beyond your wildest dreams.

And us, we’re the straight-talking spirited nutritionistas that will help you get there. 

Meet Your Alchemists

We’re writers, speakers, coaches, yogis, and pros at this thing we call Spirited Nutrition.

Co-Founders, spirited nutritionistas 

We’re also very (very) good at:

Turning breakdowns into breakthroughs; 
Cultivating clarity amongst confusion;
And making plants (i.e. kale smoothies) taste really f-ing good

We work with passion filled women (and a handful of some pretty impressive & courageous men) from all over the world who feel stuck, stagnant, disconnected, and totally frustrated with where they’re at. Sound familiar? 

We’re here to help you out of your rut, to uncomplicate the complicated (we don’t count calories, we make ingredients count), and to create more flow in every area of your life (not just your plate). 

We help beautiful women, just like you, step up, reconnect to themselves, and totally transform their lives.

How we do it: 

An inspiring mix of sexy and spirited courses, coaching, cleanses, and general kick assery

We Believe
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A Few More Things About Us:

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We’ve smuggled fresh fruit across borders (girls’ gotta eat!)
We’re sisters
We’re writing a book
We have an amazing ability to reserve shampooing until our hair is nearly in dreadlocks
We obsess over sweet potatoes & even more so over Japanese yams
We’ve mentored under some of the world’s best including: Marie Forleo, Melissa Ambrosini, Gabrielle Bernstein and Jordan Bach

We believe spirited is sexy and more importantly, we believe in YOU.

Because YOU are what YOU choose to become.

If you want to move forward, take your health to the next level, and nourish your mind, body, and soul — join us, we’d love to have you.   


Our Street Cred: 

Erika’s approach to wellness lies in the art of simplicity. Whether it’s in the area of diet, self-love, relationships, or career, feeling fulfilled in any area of life doesn’t have to be complicated. From the foods we eat to the thoughts we think, every moment to moment decision is a new opportunity to nourish our mind, body and soul. As co-founder of Urban Alchemy, Erika has helped hundreds of women take advantage of these opportunities, tune into their bodies, connect to their inner healer and step into their best self. She is dedicated to helping women achieve optimal health, unlimited happiness and living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

A firm believer that a healthy outside starts from the inside and in the transformative power of gratitude, Jess is on a heart-driven mission to help women live an empowered, inspired, and totally blissed out life. As a certified health coach, plant-based nutritionist, registered yoga instructor, and co-founder of Urban Alchemy, Jess has helped hundreds of women tune in to their own wisdom, unlock their true potential and awaken their inner alchemist. Communicating her highly infectious love of life through spirited nutrition for the mind, body and soul, this green juice junkie, registered yoga instructor and holistic health and nutrition coach with certifications from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Cornell University, as well as a bachelor of science from Bentley University, has been sharing plant-based living and cleansing guidance with clients from across the country. Her fresh and simple approach to wellness goes back to the basics — eat clean, train dirty, live well. 

The Real (And Perhaps More Important) Credentials: 

We’re actively doing this work ourselves.