Your Beauty Is A Given, Knowing Your Worth Can Save Your Life

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve joined the team of incredibly talented women at Over The Moon Magazine! Every month, find us dishing alchemy insights on all things fierce, feminine, sexy and of course, spirited. Up first, Jess’ recent article, Your Beauty Is A Given, Knowing Your Worth Can Save Your Life — a must read for anyone stuck in the pursuit of ‘skinny.’ Here’s a sneak peek:

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"For nearly two years in college, I meticulously counted every calorie, measured out every ounce of food, worked out every day (sometimes twice), and convinced myself this was ‘healthy.’ I ate everything I was supposed to be eating according to women’s health magazines and popular fitspo accounts (which in hindsight was essentially nothing).
The goal was ‘skinny.’ Not the rail-like skinny you see in high fashion magazines, but skinnier than I was. Skinny enough that my ‘love handles’ and all of the other self-perceived ‘flaws’ were no longer there.
And it worked (partly)..."

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You are better than perfect,
Erika & Jess

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