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Check out Erika's recent article on Over The Moon Magazine, Why You Should Comment On Blogs (spoiler alert.. because YOU and your voice matter). Here’s a preview:

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“More times than I’d like to admit, I’ve found myself holding back and refraining from telling others what I truly thought and how I really felt. I’ve been touched by their work, inspired by their passion, moved by their message, and sadly, didn’t share my experience with them.
Instead, I retreated back to my own little world, my safe space, and fell silent. I just couldn’t seem to find the courage to reach out, to share my gratitude, and express my truth.
Paralyzed by fear, scared of what they would think of me, too shy to reach out, intimidated by what they would (or wouldn’t), say back. My ego would have a field day tearing me apart with thoughts like, ‘Who am I to say something to them?’ and ‘I don’t matter, they won’t care what I have to say.’
This continued for years until I finally realized that I had to voice the impact others were having on me. If not, I would be doing them, as well as myself, a huge disservice…”

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And we’d love to know, have you ever been hesitant about speaking up and sharing your thoughts? Don’t hold back. Post in the comments below, we read and respond to every single one.

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