8 Simple Ways To Change Up Your Current Working Environment + A Note On Work-Cations

One of our dear mentors recently suggested taking a work-cation. Ummm.. Why haven’t I done this before? A work-cation is exactly what it sounds like: a working vacation. For me, that means: a self-made creative bender, shipping out to sunny California for the winter coaching clients, creating, collaborating, writing (a lot of writing), all from the beach (well from, near the beach). Zero distractions = hella productive. (And it seriously feels incredible.) 

Pic via Vogue

Pic via Vogue

If you ever get a chance to do a work-cation, DO IT. Actually, make it a priority. Yours doesn’t have to be as dramatic as mine. Even if it’s an hour, a half-day, or a one-day version, it’s one thousand percent worth it. Post up in a quaint little coffee shop or if the weather (& Wi-Fi) permits, on the deck of a local hotel pool. Your soul will be so grateful for the change in scenery, it’s a creative boost like no other. 

And in the very large chance that you don’t work from home, take a regular vacation, a stay-cation, possibly inquire about a work-cation, or even better, do something TODAY to change up your current environment and revitalize your soul (even if it’s only for an hour). 

8 Simple Ideas To Change Up Your Current Working Environment:

1. Get outside: Try walk & talk meetings or eat your lunch in a park. 
2. Always work from the same spot? Change it up. Venture to the coffee shop on the other side of town.
3. Reorganize your desk or workspace. (Clearing clutter sparks joy.) 
4. Bounce ideas off of new people. 
5. Switch up your schedule. 
6. Bring the outdoors, indoors. Infuse your office with fresh flowers or plants. 
7. Redecorate your walls. 
8. Plan a company field trip. (You don't have to go far.)

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Have you ever done a work-cation before or have any tips to help spark creativity? We’d love to know! Share your stories and insights in the comments below. Know someone that would benefit from this post? Spread the love and share it with them! 

Here’s to making magic, working-vacations & regular vacations (because those are just as divine). 

Forever love,
Erika & Jess  

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