High Vibe Essentials From Our New Favorite Online Store, Thrive Market

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with all things health and wellness so when we first heard of the latest online health craze that is Thrive Market we were all ears. Direct from their website, 'Thrive is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices.’ 

High quality, healthy and natural products priced 25-50% below retail .. sign us up! Aside from their incredible prices and extensive variety, what we really love about Thrive is their commitment to giving back. For every paid member who joins, they donate 1 free membership to a low-income family. A company with a conscience—of course they have our support. 

Thrive literally has everything. From baking ingredients and pantry staples, to vitamins, supplements, beauty products, and eco-friendly housewares, Thrive will easily become your new one stop wellness shop. 

To help you get started at Thrive, we’re sharing our top product picks; 7 high vibe essentials that are in regular rotation here at Urban Alchemy.  

                                Pic via  instagram

                                Pic via instagram

7 High Vibe Essentials From Thrive Market

1. Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women
Probiotics are a digestion saver and this full spectrum, whole food probiotic by Garden of Life is the perfect formula for our systems. We actually keep a backup bottle in the fridge so we never run out. 

2. Shaman Shack Sea Clear Cleansing Product
Our good friend, Katie Dalebout, turned us onto Sea Clear and we absolutely love it. Raw apple cider vinegar, kelp, chlorella, turmeric, black pepper, and California made organic, non-GMO miso, combines to provide thyroid support and remove metals and radiation from the body. Sea-Clear is quite salty tasting, so a little goes a long way.

3. HealthForce Liver Rescue Support
A new favorite, we’ve been taking 2 capsules per day in an attempt to show our livers a little extra love. 

4. Sunwarrior Chocolate Warrior Blend Protein
Raw, vegan, delicious and easy to digest, this is our absolute favorite protein powder. It makes a great addition to any smoothie

5. Heritage Store Rosewater
We are OBSESSED with this stuff. Spritz it on as a toner or whenever you need a refresher. It’s magic and we swear by it

6. Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement Drink
‘The anti-stress drink.'

7. Sun Potion  
Staple ingredients for any alchemist, Sun Potion’s super high quality medicinal plants, healing superfoods and tonic herbs are ridiculously discounted on Thrive. Sun Potion alone is reason enough to join but it gets better.

Start shopping today and enjoy a 30 day trial completely FREE. Click here to get started. 

TWEET IT OUT: Alkalites! Enjoy a 30 day free trial at Thrive Market.

Go get em, Alkalite, and treat yourself to these

Let us know your favorite Thrive picks in the comments below! And spread the love and share this post with a friend.

From our cart to yours, 
Erika & Jess 

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