6 simple ways to hit the refresh button this spring

Warmer temps, longer days, beautiful blooms (and seasonal allergies), Spring has finally arrived, and along with its arrival comes a fresh season of renewal. Physically, emotionally, and energetically, it’s time to shed the winter layers, hit the refresh button, and lighten up. Craving sunshine? Here are 6 alchemy inspired ways to welcome spring, hit the refresh button, and embrace this potent season of renewal.

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6 ways to hit the refresh button this spring:

1. Rise & shine with warm lemon water.
Detox your morning. Begin your day with glass of warm lemon water to alkalize the body, wash away accumulated toxins and get your digestive juices flowing. We start (almost) everyday like this and it makes a huge difference in how we feel. (Our coaching and cleansing clients can also vouch for this.) Unblock your bowels, unblock your life. ;)

How to:

Squeeze the juice of one whole lemon into a glass of lukewarm water. Drink immediately upon rising.

2. Eat more greens.
A high vibe diet is the foundation for high vibe health, and a high vibe diet includes lots and lots of dark leafy greens. Chlorophyll-rich dark leafy greens stimulate our body’s innate healing abilities, detoxification properties and powerful regeneration potential. This season, let’s take our daily greens a step beyond spinach and venture into naturally cleansing bitter and astringent greens like watercress, kale, arugula, mustard greens, radicchio, escarole, and dandelion.

On a physical level, bitter greens purify the blood, promote a strong nervous system, support eye health, cleanse your skin, assist in liver detoxification, improve bowel function, reduce acid indigestion, prevent anemia, and essentially act as digestive magic.

On an emotional level, dark green leafy greens and bitters have both grounding quality and “releasing” properties, making them the perfect addition to an alchemy inspired spring renewal.


Enjoy bitter greens like arugula or watercress in a simple salad, or, try sautéing dandelion or dino kale on the stovetop using a small amount of mineral rich pink himalayan salt + water, veggie broth, or coconut oil to cut the bitterness. For more ideas on how to prepare greens read this: 7 ways to get your greens that don’t involve salad.

3. Drink more water.
Proper hydration is one of the easiest ways to get on the fast track to health yet we often seem to * forget * this simple health hack. This spring, make it a point to drink more water. (Your skin will thank you.)

Pro tip: Eat your water by adding hydrating foods like cucumber, radishes, and romaine lettuce to your existing diet.

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4. Clear your headspace (by cleaning your handbag).
By now you know that spirited nutrition involves more than just the food. Therefore, it’s time to shed any and all unnecessary baggage that no longer serves you or weighs you down. (Literally.)

Try this: Clean out your handbag or purse. (Guys, this also works with a briefcase, gym bag, or backpack.) Trash anything you no longer need — receipts, ticket stubs, all of the junk you’ve compiled over the last few months. Let go of whatever you’ve been holding onto, clear the clutter, and get organized. It’s simple but it works wonders and totally clears your headspace.

Feeling motivated? In addition to your handbag, spring clean your closet, desk drawers, kitchen cabinets, or your car. No mess = no stress.

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5. Go outside.
Our bodies are not designed to sit inside at a desk all day. They’re designed to run, to jump, to play, to move, and to recharge outside in nature. We often overlook the importance of actually spending quality time outside but now that the weather is warming up, there is no excuse not to. Walk to work, eat lunch in the courtyard, meditate in the park, do something, outside, every single day. (There’s something completely magical and totally energizing about fresh spring air.)

6. Revamp your __ (fill in the blank).
Springtime is ideal for renos, rebirths, and new beginnings, so revamp your current __ (fill in the blank). Ideas include: Your resumé, wardrobe, LinkedIn profile, inner circle (later haters), living room, email inbox, morning routine, or current hairstyle. The possibilities are endless and ripe for the taking.

Now we want to hear from you! What’s your favorite part about spring and how are you embracing this potent season of renewal? Share with us and your friends by leaving a comment in the space provided below and sharing this article with 3 of your faves.

Spread the springtime love,
Erika & Jess


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