Spirited Nutrition 101: The Secret to Kickass Health

Welcome to our latest blog series: The Glossary - your new go-to resource for high vibe nutrition knowledge. Every month(ish) we’ll introduce, deconstruct, and (re)define the overarching big picture concepts integral to living a radically healthier, more conscious, totally inspired life.

To kickoff the series we’re starting with a concept that undermines virtually everything we do, we call it; Spirited Nutrition.

A fresh approach to wellness:

Spirited Nutrition is a concept that goes beyond diet, food, physical wellness, and totally transcends the scales. It’s about nourishing your whole life, from the inside out and feeding yourself — your WHOLE self, mind, body and soul — with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

This is the exact philosophy that’s helped us totally transform our lives and create the kind of kickass health we dreamed about.

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Spirited Nutrition 101:

Spirited Nutrition can be broken down into 5 i’s: Intention, Individuality, In-joyment, Intuition and Inner Alchemy.

1. Intention - 

Every action, whether we’re aware of it or not, is backed by intention — the why behind why you do what you do. Spirited Nutrition involves moving through life from a place of conscious intent. This includes being more intentional with how we treat our bodies, getting clear on what we really want, and mindfully setting intentions in alignment with how we really want to feel. (When it comes to Spirited Nutrition, the underlying premise is usually, feeling good.)

2. Individuality -

We are all beautifully unique which means what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. Our bodies do not all respond to food, people or situations in the same exact way. Spirited Nutrition is about finding what works for you specifically, in all areas of your life (not just your plate). While this does take time to figure out, it’s an essential component to living, looking, and feeling your absolute best.

3. In-joyment -

In order to be the greatest expression of yourself you can possibly be in this lifetime (which is, essentially the purpose of total mind, body, soul nourishment; or, Spirited Nutrition), you must be in in-joyment. In other words, you have to have fun — with your food, with your relationships, with your work, within all areas of your life.

4. Intuition -

By this we mean “tuning in” and actively paying attention. Contrary to the current social construct that encourages us to look outside of ourselves for answers, Spirited Nutrition invites us to look within. Because you can trust your body and your own inner wisdom to guide you to the things (foods included) that best support you.

Which lends itself beautifully to the final “i”...  

5. Inner Alchemy -

Another big picture concept integral to living a radically healthier, more conscious, totally inspired life, Inner Alchemy or “inner work”, as it’s commonly referred to in the self-help sphere, is best defined as the journey within. To be more specific, it’s the process of internal discovery or the inner excavation and sometimes difficult investigation, into the depths of who “I” am, with the aim of bringing your “true” self back to light and out into the world. Expect a detailed discussion in next month’s edition of The Glossary as Inner Alchemy plays a huge part in not only Spirited Nutrition, but in all of the work we do.

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Erika & Jess

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