14 Summer Essentials for the Spirited Nutritionista

The golden season of summer is officially underway and we for one (two?), could not be happier. 80 degree temps, perpetual sunshine, so what if you’re too hot to function? Tis the season for lazy days, lax attitudes, and zero stress. Where absolutely everything, and absolutely nothing, happens all at once. Our most loved kind of labyrinth.

We’ll of course be spending our days indulging in the simple pleasures of summer like: soaking up as much sun as humanly possible, eating copious amounts of non-dairy ice cream, drinking our weight in coconut water, and in true spirited nutritionista fashion, nourishing ourselves — mind, body, and soul — from the inside out.

pic via  instagram

pic via instagram

14 Summer Essentials for the Spirited Nutritionista

For Our Mind

1. Screen free Fridays (and or Saturdays and or Sundays).

While we’re not on a typical 9-5 schedule, we know most of you are, so let’s be honest: Summer Fridays *might* just be the best official-unofficial corporate policy ever. Halting everything, including our unfinished Google docs, email inbox, slack convos, and laptop computers with a hardstop at 1PM? Count us in. Because, realistically, if we were glued to our screens until dinner (likely later) on a Friday (or a Saturday or a Sunday), when we could be outside enjoying the sun, literally nothing would get done anyway. Being is more productive than doing, especially in the summer, so embrace an eyes up, screen free philosophy, and do everything in your physical power to tune out to tune in. Maybe even go phone free for a day? Leave your phone in a drawer, in the car, or in your purse, just get it off your being. Notice what it does to your psyche and report back.

2. Consume beneficial brain food.

Speaking of psyche, your mind wants to be fed. Rather than spending 2 hours eating up the latest on your favorite social media feed (assuming you don’t actually want to see the 47th picture of someone you went to highschool with’s baby at the beach), fuel your brain with new and useful information you can actually benefit from (and improve your health in the process!). We recommend indulging in any of these hot summer beach reads or binge-listening any of these alchemy-approved wellness podcasts. Smart food to get behind.

3. Cold showers.

We know, right, WHY ARE THESE SO GOOD FOR US?? While we won’t get into the science supporting cold showers, we’ve written about it here (plus, Wim Hof, Tony Robbins, and Jordan Bach have all done it for us extensively, if you’re interested), but cold showers are basically magic. We always feel infinitely better and totally energized after taking a cold shower.

Disclosure: Our version of a cold shower = a relatively hot shower +  60 seconds of excruciatingly torturous ice water at the end. We’re babies. The summer heat makes it only slightly more bearable.

For Our Body

4. Get your daily dose of D.

The big D discussion warrants its own post (we’re working on it!), but Vitamin D, the very important hormone responsible for hundreds of functions in the body, from healthy hair, to healthy immunity, to healthy bones, is made when the skin is directly exposed to sunlight. Since most Americans spend 90% of their life indoors not to mention, in fear of the sun, it’s no wonder most Americans are also Vitamin D deficient. This summer, make it a point to get your daily dose of D by supplementing with sunshine, safely of course, without baking and without SPF (SPF acts as a barrier to Vitamin D synthesis).

Start slowly so you can create a protective melanin base with phased in sun exposure. Melanin, the beautifully bronzed, tanned-skin pigment produced now, prevents future sunburns later.

While the amount of time needed in the sun varies person to person, in general, if you feel like you’re burning, you probably are. The goal is to absorb the sun’s incredible healing properties and myriad of health benefits without looking like a lobster or frying to a crisp.

If you know you’re going to be in the sun for an extended period of time, find shade, bring a hat, or cover up with clothing. Alternatively, use a natural sunscreen with zinc oxide. Uncoated zinc oxide effectively blocks and reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. For waterproof sunburn prevention, botanical beauty maven and founder of our favorite skincare line Living Libations, Nadine Artemis suggests to mix pure vitamin C powder in a 10% solution with water; lightly mist it onto exposed skin, allow it to soak in and re-spray once again before going for a dip.  

5. Salt yourself.

Salt water is the ultimate cure all. Doctors agree. Swimming in the ocean, also known as thalassotherapy, or the use of seawater as a form of medical therapy, has been prescribed by doctors since the 19th century as a remedy for skin conditions. It’s relaxing, meditative, and scientifically proven to help alleviate anxiety. Not to mention, it does amazing things for your hair, skin, and nails thanks to it’s high mineral content.

9. Conscious cocktails.

In lieu of dehydrating alcoholic drinks we know our bodies will hate us for, this summer we’re reaching for conscious cocktails and health boosting bevvies. Coconut water coolers have become our drink of choice when it’s hot AF for all of these reasons but as you know from last year, we’re also partial to the insta-famous healthed-up pink drink. Although certainly not a substitute for actual water *always keep hydrated*, these, in addition to sparkling water with a splash of citrus, should keep you feeling refreshed all summer long.  

10. Coconut oil.

Obviously. Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? No, there’s not. We use this for everything. Including: moisturizer, sun protectant, after-sun ointment, deodorant, hair masks, DIY coffee scrubs, and chocolate sauce, to name a few.  

For Our Soul

11. Embrace ease and simplicity.

On all fronts. We’re talking your eats, your outfits, your dinner parties, your travel plans, your suitcase, your to-do list, your cosmetic routine, etc. Think: how can I uncomplicate things. Go 100 percent (or mostly) makeup-less, ditch unnecessary baggage, release toxic relationships, you know the drill. This is an opportune time to lighten your load, literally and figuratively.

12. Breathe the wild air.

Or is it drink the wild air? Doesn’t matter. The point is, get outside as often as you possibly can. Have you noticed that the people who choose to walk everywhere look remarkably more glowy than those who choose to drive? It’s because getting outside does wonders for your mood. Not to mention, walking outside means they’re getting the D (see above), and they’re probably not in a rush. Or they are, but they DGAF.

13. Dabble in daily rituals.

We’re all for a bit of structure and finding freedom in routine but for the next few months, instead of committing to one daily ritual, embrace the spontaneity of summer and try a few on for size. Embrace a playful and unattached attitude as you do. Everything you’ve ever wanted to try, make this your moment to try it. Journaling, meditation, coloring, yoga, 10 minutes of breathing — nothing is off limits.

Anchor and ground yourself in the act of ritual so that you can dabble in the form of it freely. By September, you’ll likely have found something that you love and want to stick with, or you’ll find that you love the spontaneity of making decisions in the moment. You really can’t go wrong.

14. Strut your stuff.  

Take a vow of self-altruism with the help of our 30-day self-love (un)bootcamp. Because nothing, including her seemingly perfect hair, ridiculous “beach bod”, and insanely amazing summer wardrobe, should inhibit you from seeing, owning, and rocking your own perfection or enjoying your summer.

What’s your summertime mind, body, and soul food? Tell us in the comment section below! And if you liked our list, spread the love! Forward this post to two of your friends and share it on social media.

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