Self-Love Wins part I

Pic via  Instagram

Pic via Instagram

In honor of client conversations, recent reflections, and our current commitment to (self) kindness, compassion and care, this month on UA we’re focusing on one of our, and soon-to-be your, favorite topics, radical self-love alchemy.

How to cultivate it, why it’s important, and what it really looks like IRL. Because spoiler alert… loving yourself is not, and has never been just about regular mani pedis. It’s much more than that.

So, what is self-love about, really?

According to us…

It’s doing what you want, when you want, without the need for validation or external approval.

It’s owning your worth, embracing your “flaws” and deciding what’s actually important, to YOU.

It’s telling yourself better stories. You know, ones that aren’t outrageously cruel. Because the one you keep telling yourself about how you’re the most unlovable, insufficient, undeserving, seemingly worthless individual on the planet is getting kind of old...

And that’s just the beginning.

So join us, all month long, as we uncover the messy, weird, confusing, liberating truths about self-love.

Discover your worth, your power, and just how magical you truly are.

We adore you,
Erika & Jess

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