How To Find Freedom In Routine

Since exploring and experimenting (and failing, often), and eventually figuring out (we’re still figuring it out), what works best in these entrepreneurial, self-made, scratch that, self-managed lives we’ve created, we’ve come to the realization that routine isn’t boring, it’s key. And a bit of structure, every day, is quite a magical thing.

Routine establishes internalized flexibility.

The goal of a routine isn’t to keep things constant. It’s the opposite, actually.

The goal of a routine is freedom — to help you get the best out of your everyday, day-to-day, by virtue of adhering to it. Self-giving routines (we’ll get to the difference between self-giving and self-limiting routines in a sec, spoiler alert…  they’re very different), feel expansive, and supportive, and life-giving. These kinds of routines, ground, anchor, and enable you to do all the other things you want to do in your day.

Like saying “no” creates the space and freedom to say “yes”, a self-giving routine creates a blissful sense of internalized flexibility and inspired flow. And rather than taking away from those insanely fulfilling, fun, impromptu-type times, we find it actually paves the way for more of them.

Self-limiting routines, on the other hand, do the opposite. They feel restrictive, and stifled, and redundant. Intuitively, you can usually tell when your routine isn’t working for you or becomes self-limiting. If that’s the case, it’s your job to change it.

What’s your relationship to routine? Do you, like us, find having a bit of structure creates cherished freedom and space outside of that structure? Or, are you firmly planted in anti-routine? Share your thoughts with us. Continue the conversation in the comments. We read, adore, and respond to every single one.

PS. Do you like shorter posts like this one or more long-form-type writes like our article on manifestation? Let us know in the comments. After all, this space is for YOU.

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