8 Unconventional (plus a few conventional) Productivity Secrets You Need To Know

I recently launched a new product out into the world. I’ve done product launches before, but not like this. This time I was part of a team of two other incredibly talented boss babes (usually I’m just one of two), and this time (unlike any other launch I’ve done in the past), we launched before the project was ready (as in, before it was even halfway done — something I highly recommend every #girlboss try at least once).

On top of that, I moved across the country three weeks before our scheduled launch (California is always a good idea, especially during winter in Boston), and one third of our team (there were three of us), was shipped back to Canada due to an impeding visa expiration date. So how’d we pull it off? Actually, how’d we pull it off successfully — and with grace I might add? We got hella productive.

Tweet it out: Zero distractions = hella productive. The productivity secrets you need to know. 

Pic via  Pinterest

Pic via Pinterest

8 Unconventional (plus a few conventional) Productivity Secrets You Need To Know:

1. Secret number one: Read this book. 
It will completely change how you approach life and work (for the better).

2. Let go of the idea of having to be superhuman (regular human is just as divine), and ask for help.
When we’re recycling our thoughts over and over in our own mind and reading our own words over and over, it’s easy to hit a brick wall (it’s almost inevitable). Stuck on something? Look at it with fresh eyes, by this I mean —  get someone else, ideally someone you respect, trust, and admire to look at it for you. (This is the beauty of collaborating.) But if you’re working solo, confide in a trusted mentor, editor, or friend that can and will help you out. Sometimes a fresh injection of someone else’s perspective is all you need to move forward with your work.  

3. On a similar note, flip your perspective. 
When something isn’t working, come at it from a different angle. To do this try inverting (as in literally flipping your perspective and going upside down). Think handstand, headstand, or simply lying on your back feet up against the wall. Inversions create expansiveness and expansiveness boosts productivity like no other.

And on a somewhat similar note: Rework and reinvent, but don't be afraid to ditch and destroy something that isn’t working (a lesson I learned first hand during my most recent launch and again when crafting the first draft of this post).  

Tweet it out: Rework and reinvent, but don't be afraid to ditch and destroy something that isn’t working. 

4. Get up really (really) early. 
I’ll admit, I am a morning person and getting up early (I’m talking really early), completely elevates my productivity levels and the quality of my work. Although you don’t have to get up at 3:30am to be hella productive (told you it was early), I do believe you have to be ritualistic (especially if you’re working with a deadline). So the productivity hack here: Be ritualistic with your work. Determine what time you do your best work (you might already know what that is), and set that time aside every single day to do your work. Consistency is key. 

5. Be laser focused, prioritize and make lists. 
So this one isn’t at all revolutionary or innovative, but it works with great results. My advice on list making: Do it the night before, prioritize each item in order of importance and say no to everything else (zero distractions = hella productive and you’re not saying no forever, you’re just saying not right now). 

6. Catch ideas and insights as they come.
Keep a notebook and pen with you at all times. Sometimes (often times) the best ideas hit you when you’re away from your desk or out of the office. Always be prepared to catch creativity and run with inspiration when it strikes.

 7. Recharge regularly. 
You can’t be tremendously productive if you are tremendously exhausted. It’s that simple. Take time daily to do something that revives you. Find a self-renewing compulsion that you utterly enjoy to refresh your mind, body and soul. (This isn’t really revolutionary either, it’s self-care 101, but we don’t do it enough.) 

8. Ideas and inspiration nowhere to be found? Graciously call in the muse.
I do this everytime I sit down to write and it works. Make it sacred. Ask her to work with you to, to create through you, and invite her into your world. Make magic together and thank her, often. 


What’s your secret to being productive? Start the conversation and share your response in the comments below. Know someone that would benefit from reading this post? Spread the love and share it with them!

Here’s to being hella productive, 
Erika & Jess

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*A version of this article was also published on Over The Moon Magazine. Click here to check it out.

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