Moon Magic Amplified: An Exercise For The New Moon In Pisces

Channel your inner mermaid, tonight March 8th (specifically 8:54pm EST), marks the Pisces New Moon — the perfect time to set goals and intentions and plant seeds for the future. This week’s starscape is especially potent because it’s also a solar eclipse and a supermoon. (Think: fiery new moon energy but twice as amplified and extra powerful.) Time to get crystal clear on what you want (and what you don’t) — we’re talking those exciting but scary, really big, heartfelt, passion filled, boundless ocean type dreams.

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Direct from our go-to girls on all things astro, Tali and Ophi of Astrostyle (aka the Astrotwins — we love a good family affair), until March 20th, "The Sun will take a sensual swim through watery Pisces, awaking deep wells of creativity and compassion. This is a time to turn inward to nurture ourselves deeply and explore the depths of our own imaginations.” In other words, awaken your inner alchemist and embrace your limitless potential.

This year’s Pisces New Moon is also exactly opposite Jupiter, which is retrograde in list-making, structure loving, note-taking Virgo. For us that means: Piscean mystical daydreams + a Virgo inspired to-do list. (Think: the orderly and the out there; or, the mystic meets the realist — the perfect new moon manifestation combo.)

Looking to harness that energy in the absolute best way possible? Try this out:

Written In The Stars: An Exercise For The New Moon In Pisces

1. Put pen to paper.

Make a list of 8 -10 of your deepest desires. (Nothing is too big, especially for Pisces.) Be specific and write your list as if you already have what you want in the present moment. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so it accepts it these statements as truth. Rather than saying, “I want this,” or “I want to be,” act as though you already have or already are. For example: Less, “I want to run a marathon.” More, “I completed the 2016 Boston Marathon in 5 in a half hours.”

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You might start your list with a bit of Piscean flare, ie: “I welcome these desires in the best possible form for my highest good and for the highest good of all. May I receive this; or something even better.”

Then, write your list. (Bullet points are great.)

And a good way to close (also Pisces inspired): “Thank you, Universe, for your guidance, support and love. I harness the power of the new moon to welcome the following desires into form. I know I will receive this or something better.”

Now onto more Virgo vibes. 

2. Put pen to paper (again), or create a perfectly curated color-coded spreadsheet (Because Virgo).  

Make a list of everything you need to do to prepare for these desires manifesting into physical form. Sticking with the running example from above, maybe hire a running coach, join a running club, or map out two weeks of training runs. Set deadlines and cross off items as you accomplish them. (Your inner Virgo will love you for this.)

3. Add water. (Because Pisces.)

Draw a hot bath infused with your favorite essential oils or possibly make your way to your local sensory deprivation tank (you need to try this if you haven’t), the beach or a pool if the weather permits. The important part: water (because Pisces). And the really important part: intention (because that’s the magic in manifesting).

Begin to visualize your goals and desires coming into fruition (as if you already have them). Allow the fluidity of the water inspire you to remain open to something even better than you imagined. 

And one more (well, two more) thing(s): First, declare your desires in the comments below (the Universe reads our blog). And second, spread the love by sharing this post! 

It’s this or something better, 
Erika & Jess 

But you knew that already. 

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