Next Generation Nut Butter (A High Vibe Recipe)

Love, I discovered something magical last night — something too good not to share. After dinner happened, I was dying for something sweet (well actually I was dying for coconut butter, my go-to after dinner dessert), but when I looked in my cabinet, I found the jar nearly empty. Although I could have whipped up a new batch in a quick 8 minutes, (I was being incredibly lazy..) I got resourceful. Introducing next generation nut butter. This my friends, is life changing. 

All you do: just add water. 

Pic via  Pinterest

Pic via Pinterest

Next Generation Nut Butter

Makes: 1 spoonful (single serving)
1 tablespoon coconut butter, melted or soft (or 1 almost empty jar)
1 teaspoon chocolate protein powder of choice (I used David Wolfe’s Immortal Machine protein powder)
2 teaspoons water (or non-dairy milk of choice)

Add 1 teaspoon chocolate protein powder to1 tablespoon softened or melted coconut butter. Add 2 teaspoons filtered water and mix until combined. Adjust amounts to desired consistency. Eat straight from the spoon, or spread on pancakes, berries, sweet potatoes, toast, or go nuts and stir into your overnight oats. 

TWEET IT OUT: Urban Alchemy's next generation nut butter. This my friends, is life changing. 

Everyone must try this — it’s so easy! Plus, it makes double the amount of coconut butter without compromising on taste; and the chocolate protein powder just takes it over the top. So good.

This ‘just add water’ method also works well with other nut butters. 

Next up — chocolate kissed pistachio butter.

Have you made coconut butter yet? If not, go do that right now. If yes, try this out! Add water and double the goodness. Keep us posted and share your favorite nut butter combos in the comments below! 

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Endless love,
Erika & Jess

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