New Year Full Moon: Everything You Need To Let Go Of In 2017 To Begin The Year Fresh

Is it 2018 already? On one level I don’t believe it because where the f*%k did 2017 go? On another level though, everything, including my calendar, is currently screaming NEXT. So why not embrace it? In honor of the new year, fresh starts, and Monday nights extra glossy Supermoon in Cancer — could 2018 be any brighter? — we’re purging the old. Here is everything we’re letting go of in 2017.

For last years words belong to last years language and next years words await another voice. – T.S ELIOT

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Beliefs that are not my beliefs.

A lofty aspiration that requires questioning all of my underlying assumptions including the ones lurking in the far back corners of my psyche and everything I *think* I know, but why not kick things off with a bang? Beliefs that are not my beliefs and beliefs that were once my beliefs but just don’t fit anymore are getting left behind. I want to live a life that’s my own. And that starts with dissecting my psyche.

Smaller versions of myself.

Both physically and metaphorically speaking. As someone who’s gained 20+ pounds in the past 12 months, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it feels really, really good to detach any sort of value on the size of my pants and to finally be able to appreciate my body for the divine creation it is and the supernatural wisdom it carries. Have you ever even thought about what your body can do? Fight infection, keep your heart pumping, run a marathon, repair itself while you sleep?

We’re done beating ourselves up about who we’re not.

We’re done comparing ourselves to past versions of ourselves.

And we’re very much done with playing it small.

Trying to control what’s out of our control.

The health of other people.
How other people respond to us.
Whether or not someone wants to change. (It’s their choice, not mine. And my opinion, not theirs.)
How other people perceive us.
The effects of my giving. I can only hope that it’s received.
What my boyfriend eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
When Justin Bieber will dump Selena and fall in love with me.
The outcome of Game Of Thrones.
And the weather. Unless it involves a rain dance.
So basically everything.


I’m sick of limiting myself. All the labels I’ve previously claimed and the ones I’ve inherited overtime, be gone. My ego is #overit.

Work-related introductions.

“So, what do you do?” can leave rn. It’s boring and can feel slightly transactional. I want to know what you care about, what you’re looking forward to, your favorite book, what you’re grateful for, how you spend your day, how you want to spend your day, and if you like ice cream because if you don’t we can’t be friends.

Trying to achieving a picture perfect Insta worthy life.

Everything you see on Instagram is only half the story. I’m done with comparing myself to what I see on the internet. It’s mostly fake, usually photoshopped, and almost always carefully curated.


Grudges take up way too much of your precious energy and mental capacity. I know. I firmly held a grudge for 4+ years. ‘Let go or be dragged’ is the new anthem of 2018.

Things that aren’t really ‘things’ in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve installed an excellent team of three extremely level-headed individuals (my mom, sister, and boyfriend in case you’re wondering - love you guys!), to help me out with this one because I’ve been known to make small things big things. Perspective has never been my strong suit. (I’m still working on giving less f*%ks!

Food rules.



No amount of money will ever be enough if you’re living your life through scarcity goggles. You can be scrappy and live in abundance. You can work minimum wage and have a rich life. Remember what we said about perspective? It applies here, too.

24/7 Availability.

No one should be on call 24/7. Boundaries and balance, baby. In the workplace and every other area of my life. No one wants to end up in the ER with an open heart surgeon who hasn’t slept in three days or hang out with a girlfriend whose irritated and short because she overcommitted.  

Expectations of others.

See also: Trying to control what’s out of our control. ‘Other people’ are out of our control.

Incessant focus on outputs.

Let 2018 be the year we emphasize the inputs.
And even more mind, body, soul nourishment


Because all of this, including my opinion on all of this, is always is subject to change.

Your turn!

What’s on your list? What are you letting go of in 2017? Leave your list in the comments below. Let’s clear the slate and start fresh together. Here’s to a bright and shiny new year!

As NSYNC once said, “BYE BYE BYE!”

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