How To Survive Mercury Retrograde Circa 2018

Now that we’re a whole seven days into the third (and grayest month of the year if you live in Boston), we thought we’d delight your inbox and brighten your day with a fresh dose of Alchemy Insights. Up first on the docket is the new news for March. What’s up this month? Aside from the obvious spring forward clock jump happening on the 11th, March is bookended by not one but TWO glossy full moons illuminating literally everything that’s been hiding in the back corner of your closet. To top it off, Mercury goes retrograde from March 23rd to April 15th (the horror!!!).

This is the first of three times Mercury goes retrograde this year.

2018 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

March 23 to April 15
July 26 to August 19
November 17 to December 6

To us, when Mercury goes retrograde it looks like it’s moving backward, but it’s actually just rotating at a slower pace than usual giving it the illusion that it's moving in reverse. Historically speaking we’d tell you to armour up, safeguard your hard drive, and re-re-re-read the fine print (Mercury can fuq sh*t up) but according to everyone on the inside (namely The Astro Twins and Susan Miller), this Mercury retrograde is going to be lowkey amazing for spotlighting what’s not working in your life. Meticulous but tender mind/body housekeeping could be in your cards. (Read this article if you need a refresher on how to do a spirited spring cleaning or this one about proactive self-care.) If things get dicey, and they will according to the stars, don’t worry. This could be just the thing you need to give your life a little extra sheen. And in case you want some help navigating these slightly tumultuous times, here are 4 helpful tips.

Pic via @sarashakeel

Pic via @sarashakeel

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde Circa 2018

1. Be proactive. Double-check everything especially your contracts and travel plans.

Mercury rules technology, communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel so when Mercury moves backward, so does our tech, conversations, thoughts, and travel plans! Be proactive. Triple-check everything and pay super close attention to the details by reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading the fine print. If you’re planning an important conference call or Skype interview, check and re-check your tech.

2. Backup ALL your files.

Including the manuscript you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into, every precious photo stashed on your cell phone, and don’t forget your fresh and fancy website! Maybe even create a hardcopy of your cryptocurrency passcodes and store it somewhere for safekeeping. Mercury is known to magically make things go missing—especially if it relates to IT-tech.

3. Take the high road.

Tensions turn all the way up when Mercury goes retrograde but this doesn’t mean you have to! If a seemingly normal conversation is moving in a slightly dramatic direction, abort the mission and get out of there. Mercury rules clear thinking so tempers *will* be triggered. Energies will be intensified. Don’t take anything personally. Of course, stand up for what you believe in but always safeguard your personal psyche.

4. Relax, review, reflect and tune in.

All the way in. Mercury’s three-week backspin provides ample opportunity for the good-for-the-soul kind of inner work. The clarity-ensuing kind that leads to those beautiful eureka moments and bigtime life realizations. Accept that there may be delays, miscommunications, and a few pesky misunderstandings, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Are you already feeling Mercury’s effects? Tell us below. So far so good but I’m being Pollyannaish.

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