The Secret to Perfectly Clear And Glowy #NoFilter Skin

While perfectly clear and glowy #nofilter skin stems from the inside out, there are a handful of external treatments, products, and practices that take luminosity to the next level.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever is one of them.

Quick story: When we first met Sheena Mannina, owner of the celebrity acclaimed Raw Republic Juice Bar and Wellness Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, earlier this year for the Basic Witch Supercourse, she was radiating that quintessential, post Kundalini yoga, iridescent fairy glow.

So of course, we drilled her about her skincare routine.

When we found out her entire routine included… oil and water, we were completely taken aback.

What is this magic oil?

Where can we get some??

Are you sure you’re not leaving something out???

She wasn’t.


We should caveat this post by saying we’ve tried the oil cleansing method in the past with absolutely zero success. Maybe less than zero success. Every attempt left our pores clogged, skin oily, and complexions looking like the perfect layout for a game of connect the dots.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever is different.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever actually WORKS.

In what feels like overnight, this multifunctional oil blend has completely changed our skin.

Redness, gone.
Acne? What acne?
And the weird, unpredictable, under eye blotches of misery that have been haunting me like an ex-boyfriend for the past 2 years? Totally disappeared.

Needless to say, this little bottle of liquid magic has quickly become the unequivocal MVP of our skincare routines.

Doubling as an all-in-one cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, exfoliator, body oil, bath oil, massage oil, and probably a host of other incredibly creative things we’ve yet to discover (we promise to share), this stuff works – really, really well. And although it’s not exactly cheap (about $30 for 50 ml depending on the type), it’s a remarkably reasonable price considering the quality of ingredients.

Erika recommends the best selling and classic cult favorite Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, but my pick is the Frankincense.

And while we could talk forever about this miracle blend of pure plant botanicals, we want to hear from you.

What’s your Can’t Live Without skincare product? Share in the comment section below!

Don’t have one?
Don’t worry.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever is soon to become your new holy grail.

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