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First up, a powerful personal essay by Lindsay at Pinch of Yum on courage, bravery, and picking up the pieces when things fall apart. Read: “Brave isn’t always flashy – sometimes Brave looks like acknowledging that I still have a life, whether or not it is the life I wanted. Brave looks like actively creating meaning in my days, even when I’d like all those days to be done and gone and onto the next thing. Brave looks like just showing up, sweats and chips and all, and just letting this be what it is. So, yeah. Here are some thoughts on bravery and showing up and all the things I’m doing (or hoping to do) to keep my heart and soul engaged in the new season of Now What.

On a lighter note, modern-day Willy Wonkas (aka, flavorists) set the record straight on “natural” vs “artificial” flavors. Spoiler alert… they aren’t that different.

4 Commonly found foods with next-level healing powers by Medical Medium, Anthony William because as ^flavorists note, “the only way to know what’s in your food for sure is to cook from scratch with basic ingredients and trust the OG flavorist, Mother Nature, to make it taste good.”

Speaking of food, the most important food lists of 2017 are in.

Superfood, super-creative, super-delicious vegan lattes are having a moment and we’re loving it, obviously. See: Healthed-up SNICKERS latte with herbal chicory coffee or, any NYC/LA twenty somethings instagram feed.

Although this is incredibly random, it must be shared. 34 Beyond beautiful storefronts I want to live in, now.

Opening your intuition, healing, and balancing your chakras with the beautiful Deganit Nuur. Yes to everything Deganit says.

We live in a hyper-connected age yet we’re becoming less connected to each other. Go EyesUp with us and Murad. Experience real life in real time.

It’s one thousand percent OKAY to change your mind. It’s actually completely natural. Just ask Gingersnap’s Organic founder, Jamie Graber, who recently, changed her mind in a big-big way.

Because humor is necessary (especially after you change your mind), this is exactly how I feel about Facebook (most of the time).

Another totally relatable, LOL-inducing post by Haley Nahmen for Manrepeller, I Tried ‘Being Present’ and It Was Terrible.

Narro turns your reading list into a podcast. FOR REAL. Has anyone tried this?

Always inspired by Alexandra’s words. Canceling is officially canceled. I would one hundred percent “narro” this on repeat.

According to science, why we’re weirdly obsessed with squeezing blackheads. I would probably not “narro” this.

And finally, our literista, partner in (self-love) crime, and high-vibe soul sister, Ree, started her own monthly linkup series on littlefoolbook featuring “Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, & Meanderings.” Guys, you are going to LOVE it. She’s hilarious.

In case you missed it here at UA we:

Went (almost) totally trash-free. Still working on it!

Dove headfirst into Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, EFT, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics, and all other things energy healing to bring you info that’s actually *easy* to understand.

Made maple peanut butter blondies using an entire can of chickpeas. (And Jess’ boyfriend had NO idea.)

Recapped, recounted, and relived our magical #basicwitch weekend in New Orleans with Sheena Mannina and Amberleigh Carter.

And OH YEAH! Almost forgot. We (very) successfully launched our passion project Love Bomb Bootcamp, out into the world!

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