Link Love From Across The Interweb (June Edition)

A curated collection of inspiring articles, favorite finds, and absolutely incredible people doing absolutely incredible things. In other words, everything and everyone we’re currently obsessing over – plus a handful of random reads from the WWW we bookmarked to share.


Pic via  instagram

Pic via instagram

The products, practices, people, and places we’re currently vibing with:

This simple and super easy to do four-card tarot spread for insight, reflection, and grounding by The Wild Unknown has been our go-to tarotscope this month. Use it to get out of the logical, rational workings of your head and check-in with yourself on a more creative, emotional, and inspired level, or to investigate the underlying dynamics of a confusing situation.

Is unicorn food in or out? IDK, but these swoon-worthy unicorn food creations are so pretty to look at!

DIY hairmasks have become our ‘thing’ this summer. For those of you anxiously waiting, we’re still playing with/ *messing up* the perfect DIY dry shampoo formula! Please tell us your tips in the comment section!

OK, we mentioned this last week here but we had to include it here, too — we’re that obsessed. Since (finally) jumping on the TSR train last month, The That’s So Retrograde podcast has quickly moved to the top of our most listened to, most shared, and most recommended lists. A must if you’re into health, wellness, and totally honest LOL-worthy girltalk. Check out our full review and favorite episodes here and click play.

Crystal magic hand picked and delivered with love by the brilliant and beautiful NOLA based, Noell Eanes.

Speaking of deliveries, yes you can deliver the best fresh fruits and veg to our doorstep.

And yes, you can deliver any of these as well. #manifest

In a world with infinite opinions and confusing, complex, completely convoluted nutrition info, we’re incredibly grateful for medicine women MD’s like Aviva Romm and Isabella Wentz.

Actually, we’r’e incredibly grateful for all women, RN, including you.


It’s the summer of self-love! Catch up here #SOSL

And speaking from experience… What NOT To Do At The Beach because we’re not sure if it's the sweaty temps, sun soaked brain cells, lack of clothing or a combination, but beach days tend to bring out our judgey-ist, self-sabotaging, body-shaming, inner appraisers.

BTW we’re still dying over this super duper fresh and ridiculously addictive (yes, that’s a warning) 100 percent foolproof high-vibe guacamole recipe. You will too. (You’re welcome.)

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