Link Love From Across The Interweb (August Edition)

A curated collection of inspiring articles, favorite finds, and absolutely incredible people doing absolutely incredible things. In other words, everything and everyone we’re currently obsessing over – plus a handful of random reads from the WWW we bookmarked to share.


Pic via  instagram

Pic via instagram

The products, practices, people, and places we’re currently vibing with:

Since we dubbed 2017 as the year of endless summer, sunscreen is still a hot topic and a huge concern considering it’s the “gold standard” to protect us against aging and skin cancer and has actually been shown to do the opposite.

Finally, a phone that will help curb your social media addiction!

Loving this interview series with selfmade experts on hey woman!. Lady bosses represent.

You’ve heard about our obsession with Pressed Juicery’s Freeze many times so when Natalie recreated it at home AND shared the recipe, our hearts nearly exploded. Prepare to swoon.

“Due to incredible interest and unprecedented sales since public launch in December 2012, the Culinary Cottages are no longer available to the general public. The remaining Culinary Cottages are for sale, however only to those who receive a Private Invitation.”

Don’t feel bad, we’re still waiting on our invites, too.

We love a well thought out and carefully executed side hustle that clears clutter in process.

Food photography actually did *not* start on Instagram. Here’s its 170-year history. 

“That whole ‘get past x and you'll be onto y’ thing? It doesn't exist. No matter what you achieve, you'll set a new goal that will be out in the distance. You will never ‘arrive.’ No matter how much success you have — or in many cases the world perceives you to have had — it comes with a shit ton of failure too. But you definitely miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So you've got to choose to take the first step. The big leap. The one that feels so scary that you shut your eyes and scream when it starts. Do that.”

Sophia Bush laying down some major wisdom.

So is Nayyirah Waheed.

Let’s talk about it over lunch at this new and super amazing, Newport beach spot.

The way to stay cool is not what you think it is. Traditional Chinese medicine makes a case for no ice. 

Yes, freelance sanity is possible. A must read if you work alone or from home.

I want everything.

There are hundreds and hundreds of healthy adaptogens. Here are the ones that work best for healing burnout.

How confronting your darkest impulses can ultimately help you grow.

Plus how to own your darkness if you’re currently struggling.

The highlights of the day are this natural illuminating face serum by Maya Chia and our Summer of Self-Love series! In case you missed anything or need to catch up — we covered SO much — here is the recap.

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