Link Love From Across The Interweb (April 2017)

A curated collection of inspiring articles, favorite finds, and absolutely incredible people doing absolutely incredible things. In other words, everything and everyone we’re currently obsessing over – plus a handful of random reads from the WWW we bookmarked to share.

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According to mystic mamma’s always insightful and equally illuminating monthly astro scope, April is (was) all about intensity. High-highs, low-lows, emotional mood swings, tears, and of course, astounding amounts of chaos you think you can’t handle juxtaposed with the divine synchronicity of everything falling into place. Did you feel it?

6 Things I wish I knew in high school. This, especially #4. “Look beyond your family and town for examples of success,” would have been incredibly useful during our high school days.

Avoid signing contracts and double check everything, Mercury is officially retrograde! Feeling the effects? Here’s how to survive and thrive during these slightly tumultuous times.

Have you heard of Breast Thermography? It’s a less invasive, radiation free, alternative to mammograms using ultra-sensitive, high resolution digital infrared cameras.

Manifesting this ethically sourced and wildcrafted palo santo hydrosol.

For the femme-preneur, 20 Side Hustles You Can Start ASAP.

This is a great site for health and nutrition news in case research is your thing.

All Brandi’s recipes are perfection but if you’re looking for a super easy and insanely delicious gluten-free, vegan cake recipe, we highly recommend trying this vanilla chocolate chip one! We made it for Easter and everyone was raving over it. We followed the recipe exactly except for a few minor modifications. We doubled the amounts to make a larger cake, decreased the maple syrup by 4 tbsp, and topped our cake with coconut whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and chocolate shavings in lieu of the chocolate frosting. Delicious.

Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey dishes everything he’s reading right now (and that we should be googling) during his interview with The Chalkboard Magazine.

Food shopping can be incredibly daunting (especially if you venture into the aisles) but we’re not sure how we feel about these new labels on packaged foods… do they do more harm than good? Unfortunately we’re leaning toward yes. Our advice, never believe anything on the front of any product or package EVER and, always check the ingredient list.

Green eats in Italy because… spoiler alert! there *might* be a trip in our near future! If you’ve been or have recs - what to do, where to stay, what to eat (most importantly), please share!


Speaking of travel, we just got back from visiting our brother on the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Thanks, Jim! Recap coming soon.

Are you in Orange County? Jess teaches power yoga at I Heart Yoga in Dana Point every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 7am. Come say hi!


To inspire your week, a quick collection or (re)collection of bookmark-worthy Alchemy Insights.

5 ways to make any meal 1000x healthier (that do not involve a $60 jar of superfood dust).

The confidence mantras we repeat on loop when we need to shift our moods.

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