Link Love From Across The Interweb October Edition

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Pic via  pinterest

Pic via pinterest


Have you heard about the life changing magic of chickpea brine? It’s called aquafaba, and you can do amazing things with it like make this chocolate and peanut butter tart with vegan vanilla meringue and this next-level vegan marshmallow creme.

Though we’ve been super into all things DIY skincare, we’re dying to try Herbivore’s blue tansy facial oil.

Sakara recently introduced a new line of CBD chocolates which we’re also dying to try. And trend alert, we’re predicting that CBD (or cannabinoid) is going to be the turmeric of 2017.

Getting my book rejected 24 times made me realize what American culture gets wrong about failure. Words of wisdom by Bene Cipolla on failing big. “That kind of failure doesn’t feel like a stepping stone on the journey—it feels like the Great Wall of No. You need to find another road altogether. “People may tell you to ‘just keep fighting,’ but that’s oversimplified,” says Guy Winch, a psychologist and the author of Emotional First Aid. “Failure creates an emotional wound, and we have to tend to it. You can’t just fail and then immediately gain. You fail, you hurt, you do something about it, and then you gain.” I’ve got the first two steps down pat. It’s the second two that are more difficult.”

In current wellness news, new research finds Americans are putting down the multivitamins in favor of supplements like probiotics, fish oil and Vitamin D. Thoughts?

Now that I’m officially back in the sunny city of angels I can purchase my tickets for Mercado Sagrado.

Speaking of California, calling all west coast vegans! The highly anticipated extremely meaty meat-free burger, aka, The Impossible Burger, made its west coast debut this month. Find it at LA’s Crossroads Kitchen or San Fran’s Jardinière or Cockscomb on a first come, first serve basis. (It’s previously only been available at Momofuku Nishi in NYC and sells out routinely.)

8 Surprising things that happen when you stop wearing makeup every day. LOL-ing included.

And because how could we not? Halloween candy health-ified.

What were your favorite happenings this month? Let us know in the comment section below and spread the love by forwarding this post to two friends. Up to something amazing? We want to know! Share in the comments below for a chance to be featured on next month’s edition of link love.


Clearly, turmeric is having a moment so obviously we applied it to our faces for. The results were glowing. See for yourself.

What proactive self-care actually looks lIke. Spoiler alert… it’s apt to change, often.

Because October feels largely incomplete without it, we reinvented our all time favorite fall bevvy. Which, lucky for you, tastes just like pumpkin pie.

We spent an entire day with Oprah’s favorite former megachurch pastor. Here’s what happened. (PS. It was awesome.)

We also found the solution to your very real Halloween candy cravings. (PPS. It looks a lot like chocolate and tastes better than pumpkin pie.)

And finally, a very (very) nice contrast to the usual “noise” thrown at our earwaves, in no particular order, the best podcasts ever, courtesy us.

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