Link Love From Across The Interweb: November Edition

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Pic via  Instagram

Pic via Instagram

Gushing over Little Lover by Broadhurst World.

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Try it on before committing for a lifetime with Momentary Ink. Such a cool idea! 

Up next on our reading list.

Almond butter chocolate chip cookie bars. No explanation needed. 

Lena Dunham’s new podcast, Women Of The Hour, debuted this month. You should listen (it’s on iTunes and it’s totally free). 

15 ways to love your body + an excerpt from your new favorite book. 
“For nearly a decade, my body weight yo-yo’d from one side of the scale to the other. And so did my self-esteem. I spent an entire summer at the lake wearing “cover-ups” instead of my usual bikinis, because my usual bikinis didn’t fit. I insisted on only being photographed from one angle because I was convinced that with certain positioning, I could trick the lens into thinking I was Kate Moss skinny. I died my hair platinum blonde and wore dramatic makeup with dark eyes, thinking I could disguise my self-perceived flaws in a Barbie-like façade of pink lips and black eyeliner. I spent so long hating my body that it never occurred to me what might happen if I started loving it.”

Addictive wellness. Raw chocolate with medicinal benefits? Yes, please. 

Follow your inner knowing & live in spiritual surrender. An interview with two of our favorite souls, Jordan Bach and Connie Chapman. Nuggets of wisdom include: How to remain connected to your inner voice even as a highly sensitive person and how to make heart-driven decisions when you’re unsure of the outcome. 

Loving this free 2016 printable calendar by Cocorrina. 

The bliss of sweaty stillness. Wabi Sabi Well on why you should never skip savasana.

Yes times a million. 'In their quest to be the perfect woman who takes care of everyone and never breaks a sweat, they dutifully fill their plates with wild-caught salmon, pomegranate seeds, and organic broccoli – but they’re moody, bloated, and losing their hair. The real problem for them isn’t the occasional piece of chocolate they might have. The real problem is forgoing the sweetness of life in an attempt to achieve “perfection” and beat their true appetites into submission.'

For the sexy & spirited, an angel message for November (and every month after). 

And here at Urban Alchemy, this, this, and this happened.

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And as always, if you’re up to something amazing? We want to know! Share in the comments below for a chance to be featured on next month’s edition of link love.

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