Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling (Book Review)

SO excited to announce that our girl, Katie Dalebout’s new book Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling comes out Tuesday, April 5th! We just finished reading an advance copy (thank you, Katie!), and of course, it’s incredible.

As Katie describes: “Let It Out is not a workbook; it is not something you’ll just complete once and then move on.” It’s much more than that.

Broken up into 7 sections: Let It Out to Get Going, Let It Out to Get Organized, Let It Out to Find Presence, Let It Out to Create Abundance, Let It Out to Heal, Let It Out to Feel, and finally, Let It Out to Reveal — from cover to cover, Let It Out is chalk full of simple tools, powerful journaling exercises, and wonder-infused inspiration to guide you to creating more flow in every area of your life.

As mentioned in The User Manual (Katie’s brief description on how to get the most out of this book), you can approach the journaling tools chronologically, one day at a time (there are 55 in total); or you can flip to whichever tool is relevant to you on a particular day; or, our favorite method, you can let the Universe decide what you need at the moment by closing your eyes and flipping to a random page. (Kind of like a card deck.)

As Katie mentions: “Even if you return to the same journaling tool again and again, the outcome will be different every time because you’re different each time you sit down to write.”

What we love most about this book is that you don’t need to be an aspiring literista, creative thinker, wordsmith, or even a “good” writer to experience the radical benefits of journaling or utilize the tools outlined by Katie. Whether you’re a pro journaler, total newbie, or somewhere in between, rest assured this book will guide you on your own unique journey of self-discovery.

There may be times in your life when self-expression feels like a struggle. Maybe you don’t know how to get your feelings across, or you don’t bother sharing because you don’t think you’ll be heard, or you may be scared of wearing your heart on your sleeve. When we keep our feelings to ourselves (even if we think we’ve moved past them), they become buried until we actively release them.

This might be a totally new concept but think about it for a minute. Ever find yourself reliving the same old stories, and all of a sudden the feelings related to that story creep back up? It may very well be because you haven’t worked through those feelings, you haven’t released them yet.

Journaling serves as an outlet so you no longer have to keep your emotions buried, suppressed, or locked up inside; and Let It Out serves as your roadmap to releasing them.

Here’s a sneak peek…


let it out logo

Tool No. 21 -
The HappyThankYouMorePlease Tool:

Have you ever had a really great feeling come over you out of nowhere, and you just want to stay there . . . but all too soon reality takes over and so it only lasts a brief moment? What if the next time a moment like that happened, you could stay in it a little longer? Perhaps it’s a nostalgic memory triggered by hearing a song or smelling a scent, or it’s a moment of presence and happiness while you’re on the beach with your favorite people—regardless of what it is, you want to prolong it, even linger there forever.

What if I told you that you could?

That’s what this tool is all about: getting you to (a) notice you’re in this blissed-out moment through awareness, (b) find some gratitude for that, and (c) ask for more from the Universe.

There were a wide range of things that inspired the tools in this book, and this one was inspired by one of my favorite movies, Happythankyoumoreplease by Josh Radnor, who wrote, directed, and starred in it. There’s this beautiful monologue in the film where a cabdriver advises his passenger, the character Annie, that bliss is her birthright, that the key to happiness is gratitude, and that she need only have more gratitude to be happy. When Annie asks how he suggests she do this, the cabdriver says it’s simple. He tells her to say thank you. And then say more please.

Not only is this the title of the movie; it’s my favorite lesson because what he’s saying to her—at least in my interpretation—is basically each time you notice an awesome moment, say in your mind Thank you, and then say in your mind More please as a way of sending a signal to the Universe that you’ll have more of that awesome feeling . . . please. It’s essentially a prayer, a request, and a desire, and by claiming it you’re not only more likely to receive it but also to notice and appreciate it when you do.

Honestly, if you do these steps, you’ll notice after a while the Universe becomes a lot like Jimmy John’s, delivering your orders “so fast you’ll freak.”


• Step 1: For this tool you’ll want to write in something you likely have with you all the time— your phone. Create a note in your smartphone called “HappyThankYouMorePlease . . .” This will be a running note.

• Step 2: As you’re out and about throughout your day, each time a good feeling washes over you, whip out your phone and complete this sentence: “Thank you for ______________________________; more please.”

• Step 3: Put your phone away and return to enjoying the moment you’re in. You’ve cultivated some gratitude, you’ve gotten present, and you’ve sent your desire order straight to the Universe.


For more info about Let It Out and to pre-order your own copy click here. *Order by April 5th to receive exclusive early-bird bonuses including interviews with wellness experts Jordan Bach, Erin Stutland & Nancy Levin.

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Here’s to writing, reading (and more writing); with love,
Erika & Jess

PS. Check out this Soul Spotlight interview we did with Katie last year. (It’s full of wonder.)


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