The 4 People To Unfollow (Like RN) on Instagram

*This is the second installment of our two-part series. Click here for Part I: 6 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

In general, we do our best to exercise a certain level of non-judgement across social settings, everyday interactions, and other day-to-day life happenings. Social media on the other hand, forget about it. I’m partly kidding here (I swear we’re nice!) but we play favorites, especially on Instagram. So break out your cellphones, friends! It’s time to KonMari your IG. We promise it’s liberating and joyful and well worth the effort. Here are 4 Instagram Accounts To Unfollow Immediately.

Pic via  Instagram

Pic via Instagram

Wipe the slate clean! Time to unfollow the following:

Do I know you?


Um, who? Until recently I’ve never actually taken the time to purge my Instagram feed. This, coupled with slightly heavy “hearting” tendencies (I told you I was nice!) could potentially be the reason why I ask myself “Do I know you?” on a semi-regular (see: daily) basis. If you have no idea who this person is and how they wound up on your (un)carefully (un)curated Instagram feed, unfollow. If you maybe *kind of* remember this person but you’re actually not sure who they are, unfollow. If you’re moderately confused about why this person keeps liking your photos, unfollow.

They’re moderately confused about who you are, too.


You know. The ‘her’ that turns you into a judgey, jealous, asshole, monster person every time you see her? The one that makes your blood boil, posts way too many “plandids” (no one actually sits like that!), or maybe it’s the ‘her’ that is implicitly ruining your life? BYE.

The subtle-braggart.

Not as infuriating as ‘her’ (see above), but you know those people that are perpetually on vacation, go to all the greatest parties, date freakishly talented photographers, and, according to Instagram, have way more fun than you? Unfollow. It’s easy to forget that what we see on social media isn’t actually real, it’s just the highlights. Nobody’s life is *that* perfect. Anyone you’re constantly measuring yourself up against, destroys your self-esteem, or makes you feel like a lesser version of yourself, unfollow right now. Comparing yourself to anyone is pointless.

Your trigger person(s).

Anyone that leaves even a slight residue of pain in your heart or a sour taste in your psyche when scrolling through his/her feed should not be part of yours. This includes but is not limited to:
Your Ex.
Your Ex’s new girlfriend.
Your Ex’s new girlfriend’s cousin.


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