6 Instagram Accounts To Follow RN And 4 To Unfollow Immediately

In general, we do our best to exercise a certain level of non-judgement across social settings, everyday interactions, and other day-to-day life happenings. Social media on the other hand, forget about it. I’m partly kidding here (I swear we’re nice!) but we play favorites, especially on Instagram. So break out your cellphones, friends! Here are our favorites. Next week we’re spilling the 4 IG accounts to unfollow immediately.

“Don’t be a follower” is usually sound advice but for the next ten minutes, do the opposite. Follow these folks!

6 Instagram Accounts To Follow RN

If you love a clever caption, slightly pink hues, and just the right amount of f*ck the patriarchy vibes…

Follow: Reanne Derkson, @littlefoolbook

Our partner in self-love crime at Love Bomb Bootcamp and real life (!!) bff. Her anti-beauty blog, forthcoming memoir, and Instagram gallery are perfection. Good for: feeling like someone gets you. Also good for: really great captions.

If you want the sweetest human being ever to teach you how to cook…

Follow: Jessie Snyder, @_faringwell

An actual earth angel I discovered through Foodgawker, Finding Vegan, or some other delicious foodie haven. I don’t remember. Anyway, she’s lovely. I wish she was my neighbor. Her recipes are plant-based and her photography is perfect. Jessie, will you join my dinner club??

If you want to stare at a beautiful face whilst expanding your consciousness…

Follow: Jordan Bach, @jordanbach

Gorgeous, right? But not the point! Jordan is an incredibly down to earth spiritual life coach. His feed is a collection of lessons, quotes, and teachings from A Course In Miracles, Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Kundalini yoga, and will likely make you a better person just by scrolling through it. He’s kind of like my therapist, guru, mentor person and like Jessie (see above), an actual earth angel.

If you love a good 90s reference, have lots of time to kill at work, and like to LOL…

Follow: @rememberthishappened

Making everyday a tbt.

If you think you’re a witch, carry a crystal in your bra, or don’t but think you should start…

Follow: Bri, @thehoodwitch

Everyday magic for the modern mystic plus the occasional new age meme. Expect major goddess vibes, tarot spreads, and long-ish captions you *will* want to read. Crystals included.

If you crave a slightly esoteric brain break that will, on occasion, make you hungry…

Follow: Us, @thedailyalchemy

Because we’re shameless!

Go get some. 

Your turn! Who did we forget? In a world of infinite inspiration who should we be following on Instagram? Tell us in the comments and come back next week for Part II of this series: The 4 People To Unfollow (Like RN) on Instagram.

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