A Sexy & Spirited Guide To Surviving The Holidays

When did the Holidays turn into something you have to endure instead of enjoy? Umm...probably when you threw your boundaries out the window. (But that's just a guess.)

Turn holiday chaos into holiday calm. 

Presenting, A Sexy & Spirited Guide To Surviving The Holidays: 10 tips to avoid the annual holiday stress fest.

AKA how to avoid feeling like ...

Pic via  Pinterest

Pic via Pinterest

Spoiler alert… establishing clear boundaries is first.

How To Survive The Holidays:

1. Establish clear boundaries beforehand.

Clearly communicating what your needs and limits are beforehand, and honoring them, is so important. Especially if you’re spending the holidays with family. It’s the thing, like THE thing, separating you from having an enjoyable holiday experience, or one that throws you into an entire box of chocolate and a tailspin of tears, rage, and resentment.

This means setting physical boundaries like telling your mom that you won’t actually be sleeping on the couch this year, you need a bed, as well as non-physical sanity saving boundaries like explaining to aunt Carol that you’ll be at yoga from 7-8 and cannot partake in her annual eggnog chug. You might have to repeat yourself, that’s OK, repeat as needed. There is nothing selfish about honestly asserting your needs.

For us, this has meant passing on certain foods (anyone with an Italian grandmother knows this is right up there with murder), and starting our days with non-negotiable “me time”. This has also meant being OK with disappointing our family at times. I think it’s safe to say they’d rather us there than the very reactive 16-year old monster selves we turn into when we don’t practice what we preach.

2. Give to yourself, first.

Do NOT sacrifice yourself or your sanity. Honor your needs, first. If you’re people pleasers like us this is especially hard. You're likely to feel guilty for not doing what other people want you to do. Here’s the thing: when you don't take care of your basic needs first — however selfish you may feel — you are making the conscious choice to deplete yourself, which, if you think about it, isn’t actually good for anyone.

3. Say no.

Because no, you don’t actually have to do all the things you *think* you’re supposed to do. Replace obligations with choices. The Holidays are supposed to be fun.

4. Bring food you like to eat.

Especially if you have any “weird”* eating habits and you know “healthy” isn’t on the menu. We’ve learned this the hard way. Never go anywhere unprepared. Which yes, is more work, but if it’s important to you DO IT. Bring something you can share like a family sized Macro Bowl and these cookies. You do not want to starve. You do not want to be hangry. And answer all of Uncle Bill’s snarky dietary related questions with, “Because I want to”, unless he’s actually curious, then talk his ear off.

*Do you love how you eat? If yes, continue eating “weird”.

Speaking of food…

5. Eat everything.

Eat and enjoy absolutely everything you want. Healthy living starts with actually LIVING.

6. When in doubt, vacation.

Nothing says holiday spirit like jet setting to the tropics. (Especially when your brother lives in St. Thomas.)

7. Shop online.

Avoid all shopping malls. You can Amazon Prime absolutely everything. Sometimes in less than 3 hours, which, will forever blow my mind.

8. Lay off the social media.

If you need another excuse to digital detox besides the simple fact that you’re on your phone 24/7, this is it. Do you really need to see another ugly sweater or holiday themed pie? We think not. Get off the grid, experience real life in real time.

9. Be a little selfish.

“Conveniently” buy your sister something on your holiday wishlist. If she’s kind, she’ll share it. Though, this doesn’t actually work if you live 3,000 miles away from each other.

10. And get grateful.

For all of these reasons.

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