Gratitude—something we talk a lot about here at Urban Alchemy. It’s a principal we live by, share with all of our clients, and practice in our own lives daily. Consciously shining light on and appreciating all the miracles we're blessed with (no matter their size or scope), is a key component to living a high vibe life. 

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Gratitude helps you step up, take action, and move forward, instantly boosts your mood, transforms you into a major magnet for miracles, connects you to your inner alchemist, and allows you to tap into your natural state of inner abundance. 

'Gratitude vibrates very close to the frequency of miracles.' -Danielle LaPorte 

Make unconditional gratitude the highlight of your Thanksgiving holiday this year with these practices.

3 practices to infuse your Thanksgiving day with gratitude:

1. Make A Gratitude List
Grab a pen & paper (there’s magic in writing things down), and make a gratitude list. We have all of our clients do this and they absolutely love it. Write down everything you’re grateful for right now, in this moment and be as specific as possible. 

I am grateful for ___ because _______ (fill in the blanks). Keep writing until you can’t.

TWEET IT OUT: When you open your heart to unconditional gratitude and appreciation for what you already have, you unconsciously attract even more to be grateful for.

2. Make It A Family Affair
Share the love! Thanksgiving is the perfect time and place to get your friends and family involved. Share what you’re thankful for over dinner and encourage (but don’t force—never force), others to take part. 

3. Make Someone’s Day
There are so many people in our lives who deserve a thank you. Take a few minutes today to reach out to someone who has made a positive impact on your life or helped you out in any way. Shoot them a quick text, email, or write them a handwritten thank you note (we’re big fans of this one). 

Even if you don’t feel comfortable sending it, know that the love you pour into each word will be energetically felt by whomever you’re addressing it to. 

Start practicing gratitude today and share one thing you’re grateful for in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Beyond grateful for y o u,
Erika & Jess 

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