8 Easy Ways To Extend Your Summer Vacation

Although the weather gods have blessed us with perpetual sunshine here in Southern California, Summer Scaries, a seasonal variety of the infamous Sunday Scaries, are REAL. They come on yearly. Usually rolling in anywhere from July 5th to the last week in August when something completely unassuming forces you take off your summer sunnies and actually look at your calendar for the first time in 3 months.

In addition to sending you into a total freakout about the impending temperature drop — it seems like just yesterday you were defending yourself against nature’s annual polar vortex, scraping ice off your windshield, and fighting off a real-life case of S.A.D. — Summer Scaries, see also: the warm weather sort of S.A.D., piles on a layer of unnecessary pressure to your precious psyche and if not addressed, can do a number on your self-esteem.

“Have I done enough?”

“Should I have done more??”

“How am I going to do all that by September???”

“Where did summer go????”

If you’re currently waist deep in your own version of summertime sadness — I’m almost 100 percent sure this is what Lana Del Ray was talking about — questioning everything you did and didn’t do over the last 3 months and feeling slightly anxious, good news! Summer is not over. It never has to end.

Pic via  Instagram

Pic via Instagram

Winter may be coming, but Summer is a state of mind.

In essence, it’s a feeling that can be called on anytime of the year. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be solely reserved for days when the thermostat reads above 70.

Why can’t your workday always come to a hardstop at 1PM on Friday afternoons? Who said spontaneous weeknight dinner dates with your girlfriends are strictly reserved for warm weather? Why can’t we chill out with coconut water cocktails and drink rosé atop softly glowing roof decks mid-October? Just because you’re not lounging in a bikini on the beach or driving with your windows down doesn’t mean you can’t harness the carefree relaxation and light-hearted energy summertime evokes.

8 Ways To Make Every day Feel Like Summer Vacation

1. End your ‘end-of-summer’ countdown.

Talk a new talk. Stop participating in the same stale “summer is over” conversation. It’s boring and it’s hurting our ears. Change the subject to something lighter, possibly less bleak? Ideas include:

Your slightly controversial addiction to chips and guacamole.

The amazing things that happen when you stop wearing makeup.

How you’re navigating the current Mercury retrograde. Please share!

Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones.

Every podcast you’re currently coveting.

What you would really love to eat for lunch.

2. Realize you don’t have to DO anything.

If you’re obsessing over what you did and didn’t do this summer and the pressure to take up horseback riding, learn French, bike 200 miles, host a potluck, and cross out everything else on your endless summer to-do list is weighing on you, let it go! Create a new list. Fill it with all of the rosey things that happened this summer. Did you:

Learn something new?
Swim in the ocean?
Read a great article?
Post a hot selfie?
Lay in bed for 10 hours?
Spend time with good people?
Explore somewhere you’ve never been?
Eat your face off in ice cream?
Breathe fresh air?

All noteworthy.

3. Take the vacation.

Preferably somewhere warm. Can you think of a better way to extend your summer?

4. Keep spending time outside.

Continue getting outdoor airtime, even when the temperature drops. Regular time outside boosts your mood, improves your short-term memory, restores your focus, helps relieve stress, reduces inflammation, enhances your creativity, sharpens your thinking and makes you feel refreshed. *Hot tip* Taking cold showers does too!

5. Stay glowy.

Tans fade but your glow doesn’t have to. Here’s how to glow from the inside out. And here’s how to fake it during the other 9 months of the year when you need a little extra radiance.

6. Take breaks when you need them.

If you’re like me, you usually spend September through June glued to your laptop and reserve the warm weather months for your less high strung self. Speaking from years of experience, this isn’t actually good for anyone nor does it foster your best work. Breaks are healthy on all accounts, any time of the year — regardless of what the calendar says. They’re not just a *summer thing*.

7. Don’t turn anything into a *summer thing*.

To piggyback on that, stop withholding the things you enjoy just for warm weather months! Don’t turn anything into a *summer thing*. You can have fun, feel totally relaxed, and eat ice cream all year round.

8. Stop comparing how you spend your time with how she spends hers.

Although this is especially difficult living in the Instagram era, anything less than adopting an IDGAF attitude will instantly kill your good summer feels and shatter any plans of making them last. @Superhotbikinibabe4ever eating breakfast on a mountain top, @Mylifeisbetterthanyours400 biking along the grand canal, even your aunt Jane seems to be having more fun than you. Instead of focusing on what someone else is doing, redirect your attention to what YOU’RE doing, RN, and find the good in that. Don’t let someone else’s photo of an acai bowl in Mexico suck all the joy out of your current experience — or your perfectly good blueberry muffin.

You with us? Please share! Tell us how you’re extending your good vacation vibes and summer feels throughout the rest of the year in the comment section below.

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