6 Healthy Eating Recommendations We Routinely Disregard

Since we began listening to our bodies instead of everyone and everything around us, we’ve shared a healthy disrespect for breaking all the “rules”, especially when it comes to food. Which, usually serves us quite well, though sometimes, not so much (recipe instructions, I’m looking at you).

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For better or for worse, 6 Healthy Eating Recommendations We Routinely Disregard

1. Serving sizes

LOL. Never do we more blatantly disregard what we hope is well intended eating advice than serving size recommendations. We like to enjoy an abundance of fresh, whole foods, without restricting ourselves to what the USDA considers “normal”. Although it does takes a lot of practice and patience to eat intuitively, it’s way more powerful to learn to listen to your body. It will (eventually) tell you exactly how much you need. Besides, have you ever measured out an actual serving size of ice cream? It’s the perfect amount, if you happen to be a mouse. #treatyoself.

2. Meal times

kale or donut

Call us rebels with a cause. Erika eats like 400 times a day and I have breakfast at 3:30 am*, I think it’s safe to say we do not follow any sort of standard breakfast, lunch, dinner mealtime suggestions. Who decided lunch was at 12 pm anyway? Lunch is when you want it. Which right now, is currently 9:54 am.

*Okay FINE. I’m totally exaggerating about Erika eating 400 times a day. It’s more like 4 times a day, or however many times she’s hungry. She’s perfect like that.

3. Meals without multitasking

Because we’re human, we also regularly disregard GOOD eating advice like these mindful eating tips we shared in our Back To Basics series. Truth be told, eating is usually not my sole activity. I *try* to minimize distractions as much as possible, but unless I’m eating with someone else, I eat and read from my laptop simultaneously. Sometimes it’s work stuff, sometimes it’s food blogs, mostly just health and wellness spirited nutrition related things. While unplugging completely would probably be beneficial, I’m currently enjoying my tech reliant mealtime reading routine. And spirited nutrition is all about in-joyment.

4. Don’t wait for your hunger level to reach savage hangry beast

Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. More good advice we occasionally do not follow because again, we’re human and sometimes we mess up. We too, let life get in the way of food prep, forget to pack snacks, and sometimes find ourselves so hungry we say things we later regret.

5. Recipe instructions

I can feel Erika rolling her eyes at me through the page. Backstory: I hardly ever follow a recipe and never ever read directions. If I can’t figure something out, I call Erika, my mom, dad, or Google (thank you, tech). Usually, when calling on an actual person, I get a spiele about reading directions first, but eventually find the answer I’m looking for. This habit / “non-flaw” if you will, has served me quite well in the grander bigger life picture, but recipes, not so much. There have been many, many failed food attempts due to my inability to stick with a recipe and aversion toward instruction.

6. Everything in moderation

Nope. We firmly believe there are some things like artificial sweeteners, trans fats, dairy (if you’re lactose intolerant), and other inflammatory, disease provoking foods, that should be avoided ALL the time.

This isn’t restriction, this is putting yourself first by putting your health first, which by the way, is self-love in it’s most wondrous form.

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What rules, recommendations, or guidelines do you routinely disregard? Share in the comment section below. If we extend this conversation beyond food, we break them ALL.

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