An Alchemy Inspired Earth Day, How To Throw An Eco-Friendly Party

Happy Earth Day, Alkalites! In honor of Mama Earth (and vibrant health), join us for an Alchemy inspired Earth Day celebration. (Because living well means taking care of ourselves and our environment — and it also means having fun.) So without further ado, here’s 6 eco-conscious tips to transform your typical spring BBQ, protect the planet, and of course, have an incredible time. (No earthy-crunchy tree hugging involved, though there’s nothing wrong with that.)

Pic via  Pinterest

Pic via Pinterest

How to throw an eco-friendly party all yours guests will enjoy:

1. Ditch the plastic solo cups, opt for compostable picnic-ware and masons jars instead. We like Repurpose Compostables, a completely ingenious solution to disposable dinnerware founded by women eco-entrepreneurs. #girlpower

2. Think conscious cocktails (because a green juice bar and freshly cracked young thai coconuts are way more interesting than alcohol).

If alcohol is a must (which if we’re being totally honest, in some cases, it is), opt for organic and biodynamic options whenever possible, and instead of individual bottles or cans, make a big pitcher of sangria for guests to share using this recipe.

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3. Instead of typical BBQ food, go vegan for the night. It’s good for you and the environment. Some of our favorite vegan backyard BBQ dishes are veggie burgers, nachos, and fries.

Choose finger foods you can eat with your hands like these vegan gf black bean brownies (which taste just as amazing as they look) to minimize the need for paper goods and picnic-ware.

4. In the rare instance there are leftovers which is highly unlikely if you have friends like ours, stash and store them sustainably using reusable glassware. (Because food is way sexier when stored sustainably.)

5. Compost food scraps and more importantly, make it easy for guests to do the same. Keep a clearly labeled compost bucket near the trash and recycle bins.

6. This is crucial: Experience real life in real time. Ditch your phone for the evening, connect to source energy, and spend time outside! String some lights around your yard, play this soundtrack, and enjoy your company, outside, in nature. (If a sunset is involved, even better.)


How are you celebrating Mama Earth today? Let us know by sharing your response in the comment section below. We love hearing from you! Know someone that would enjoy this post? Spread the love by forwarding it to them.

Have a beautiful weekend, babe!
E & J

PS. Reuseable shopping bags and mason jar centerpieces make for great eco-conscious party favors.


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