8 Ways To Detox Without Food Or Drink

As you know, here at Urban Alchemy we’re big advocates of cleansing. And not the crazy, calorie deprived kind that ehem, kills — but the kind that nourishes you from the inside out, and revitalizes your mind, body & soul. While we’ve talked in depth this week about consuming food and drinks that facilitate the body’s natural cleansing process and cleansing to clear space for the new, today we’re shifting gears and sharing 8 of our favorite ways to detox without food or drink. 

8 Ways To Detox Without Food Or Drink

1. Sweat it out
Time to get sweaty. Regular daily exercise is one of the absolute best things you can do for your body and mind. Not only is it incredibly detoxifying, it also helps prevent disease, supports a healthy body weight, improves your mood, reduces stress, promotes better sleep, and can even spice up your love life by enhancing arousal. Choose any type of exercise you enjoy—running, walking, yoga, boxing, and make a commitment to yourself to move your body every single day. 

2. Epsom salt baths
Epsom salt works as a detoxifier by drawing built up toxins out of the skin. It also helps reduce muscle soreness (perfect post-workout), and can promote a better night’s sleep if done before bed. 

Take a Detox Bath:
Fill your tub up with hot water, add 1-2 cups of epsom salt, soak for 20 minutes and bliss out. 

3. Sleep
Speaking of sleep, clocking in enough hours of restful shuteye is crucial to looking and feeling your best. During sleep your body is hard at work healing and repairing itself. Although it varies person to person, make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep, especially during heightened times of stress (i.e. the holidays, increased physical activity or any change in routine). 

4. Get organized
Cleaning, clearing, and de-cluttering any unwanted junk in your home or office will do wonders for your mind. Whether it’s finally cleaning out your closet and letting go of those “back of the closet clothes,” (you know the ones that you’ll never wear but you still keep for those “just in-case” occasions?), or even deleting the hundreds of emails you have piled up in your inbox, the act of releasing is incredibly healing. Try it, you’ll feel amazing. 

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5. Unplug, literally
Technology detox anyone? With all the new apps, devices, and gadgets at our fingertips it’s extremely difficult to break away from technology. We waste so much of our precious time and energy on social media, checking emails, and mindless reality t.v., that the present moment often eludes us. Take some time to turn off your iPhone, laptop, t.v., and just relax. Be present. You can try this for just a couple hours or if you really want to detox, go an entire day tech free (it’s magical).

6. Dry brush
Dry brushing is brushing the skin (dry) with a plant bristle body brush before hopping into the shower or bath. Dry brushing not only helps you achieve silky, soft, smooth and glowing skin, but also stimulates your lymphatic drainage system, supports immunity, increases blood circulation, aids in the drainage of toxins, and has been shown to decrease cellulite, need we say more? 

How to Dry Brush:
Start at the soles your feet and work in a circular motion up your body (avoid sensitive areas, broken skin, your pretty face and your other delicate bits). It will feel a bit weird at first, kind of like you’re scratching your skin, but eventually the body will relax and it won’t feel as foreign. 

Where can you find a dry body brush? Any Wholefoods or other natural food store should sell body brushes, but if you can’t find one, check amazon.com or Thrive Market.

7. Try an infrared sauna
Infrared rays are energy waves similar to the frequency of natural sunlight but without the harmful UV/UVB radiation. Hanging out in an infrared sauna, even for just a half hour, helps you sweat out toxins, promotes elimination of heavy metals and pollutants, and improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood. 

Definitely one of our favorite detoxification tools, try it — we guarantee you’ll be glowing afterwards. 

8. Meditate
We live in such a fast paced world that stopping rarely crosses our minds and might even seem counterproductive but, slowing down is exactly what you need to speed up. Spending at least 5 minutes a day to stop, breathe and let go, is the absolute best way to clear your mind and reconnect to your inner alchemist. It’s in these moments of stillness, where we can think more clearly, make better decisions, and tap into our creative potential. If 5 minutes seems like a lot, start with 1 minute or just a few slow, deep breaths, and work your way up from there.

TWEET IT OUT: Slowing down is often exactly what you need to speed up.

What are your favorite ways to detox? Share your response by leaving a comment below.

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