Caught up in comparison? Read this

You’re killing it at the gym, working your a$$ off. Sweat, everywhere. Face, beet red. You think you might vomit, but you’re so proud. You’re DOING the work. You’ve been here (almost) every day this week. You’re rocking it. You’re “feelin yourself”.


You see “her”.

With her perfect hair, her perfect skin, her perfect clothes, her perfect body, her perfect job, and of course, her perfect boyfriend. She looks like she stepped straight off the VS runway, into a lululemon photoshoot or a Reebok commercial (you can’t keep up).

She floats off the elliptical, takes a sip of chilled coconut water (no doubt straight from Thailand), snaps a quick #gympic, #nofilter. She doesn’t seem to be physically exerting herself or sweating AT ALL, yet she just did 10 minutes of burpees… you know because you timed it.


Comparison is a sneaky little bastard.

When you see someone who “appears” to be insanely successful and effortlessly beautiful and you know, just light years ahead of you in work, school, love, life, etc. etc., it’s totally natural to have a moment of hard-core envy. I mean, how could you not? You’re human. And Miss Perfect Supermodel over there? Well, obviously… she’s an alien.

Here’s the deal: Comparing yourself to others will never make you happy. It’s a vicious, self-deprecating cycle. Jealousy can quickly tear you apart. (A hard truth I’ve come to learn from many sleepless nights spiraling down the rabbit hole of my own comparisonitis.) It smothers your joy. Blinds you from your greatness. And can easily leave you delirious, at 1am, furiously stalking your ex’s new girlfriend’s cousin’s Facebook page.

So, in effort to lure you away from the green eyed monster (and your ex’s new girlfriend’s cousin’s Facebook page), because no, you are not a boundless black hole of irresolution and worthlessness (here’s proof), we made you something. Something that will help you quit the comparison, for good. (Or, at least help you snap yourself out of it.) Something you’re going to LOVE.

Find it here.

PS. The pictures you see online, the ones that give those vicious pangs of jealousy, are carefully curated, not to mention, usually photoshopped and professionally styled, deliberately chosen moments, designed to put forth the greatest impression of someone’s life. Unless histrionic, no one ever posts their dark-dark moments. That doesn't mean they don't have them. So, while other people often *look* like they have it much more together, it’s only half the story. Everything you see online (and offline) is always, only a very (very) small piece of reality. Remember: No ones life is perfect.

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Forever love, 
Erika & Jess

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