How to achieve clear, glowing and beautiful skin without harsh chemicals or a prescription Part I: The Food

We believe that true health, happiness, and wholehearted self-love begins from the inside out — as does clear skin. We also believe that there are much bigger problems in the world than having a zit, but for anyone who’s ever really struggled with acne (no matter your age), you know how tough it is to face the outer world (let alone practice unconditional self-love and acceptance), when your face is reflecting a cross between human, and pepperoni pizza.

Breakouts can and sometimes do, make you want to remove every reflective surface within a 10 mile radius. We’ve been there, multiple times, and we know how incredibly frustrating and completely disheartening dealing with acne can be.

Know this: You are drop dead f*$!ing gorgeous, au natural.

And we want you to feel that way.

How to achieve clear, glowing and beautiful skin (without harsh chemicals or a prescription):

1. Clean up your diet.

This one might seem kind of obvious, but a healthy diet rich in nutrient dense foods (think: greens, fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, fermented foods, beans, legumes, whole grains and pseudograins — plant-based foods as close to their natural state as possible), is the foundation for clear, luminous skin.

It’s equally important to note however, there is no one magic food that will completely clear up your acne. Superfood or not, healing acne and clearing up your skin (for good) from the inside out, requires a holistic approach from all angles, think: spirited nutrition. As you’ll repeatedly hear us say, food is just one (delicious) piece of the puzzle.

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2. Eat what you can digest.

Sticking with the food (a delicious [and significant], piece of the puzzle), our number two tip for achieving beautiful skin and the basis of our entire food philosophy is this: Eat what you can digest. Which means, eating what makes you feel good, and figuring out what foods work best for you and your body (because it’s going to be different for each of us).

This is SO important, not only for achieving clear skin, but also for maintaining overall health.

Skin conditions like acne or rosacea are usually a symptom of something else going on in the body. They’re indicators that something is “off.” And more often than not, gut health (specifically the microflora, the bacteria that resides in the gut), has something to do with it.

Therefore if you’re struggling with acne, we highly suggest supplementing with a good quality probiotic to increase healthy microflora within the gut.

Probiotics are live bacteria that aid in digestion, boost our immune system, and keep our inner-ecosystem functioning optimally. When choosing a probiotic, look for brands with the letters “CFU” next to every strand like Hyper Biotics Pro-15. CFU stands for Colony-Forming Unit, which is a measure of living, viable organisms (which is exactly what you want in a probiotic, living and viable organisms).

In addition to taking a good quality probiotic, we also recommend keeping a food journal that contains a record of everything you eat and drink, how it makes you feel, and whether or not you notice any adverse reactions on your skin (like a breakout). We personally do this whenever something feels “off.” (This is also how Jess was able to pinpoint that sugar was the cause of an itchy and persistent under-eye rash.) Simple, but it works.

There are tons and tons of digital food journaling apps out there but our favorite method is good old-fashioned pen & paper. To grab a copy of the one we use (all of our clients use this one as well), enter your info below and we’ll send it right over.

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In the meantime, this post is worth the read: How to heal your digestive system naturally. Because a healthy gut = clear skin. (There is overwhelming scientific data to prove it.)

Part II of this series: How to achieve clear, glowing and beautiful skin without harsh chemicals or a prescription is coming at you live Tuesday morning. We’ll post the link to the article as soon as it’s published. Until then, download your free handout and get journaling. “See” you soon!

Edit: Here is that^ link. How to achieve clear, glowing and beautiful skin without harsh chemicals or a prescription Part II

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