10 Takeaways From The First-Ever Basic Witch Supercourse With Sheena Mannina & Amberleigh Carter

Basic Witches Take NOLA

So we may have recapped our recent NOLA getaway in the form of extremely enthusiastic tweets, IG stories, at least 10,000 conversations, and 1,500+ words on energy healing. All that, and we still somehow have yet to actually wax poetic on what transpired during the first-ever Basic Witch Supercourse. Three (almost) full days of high-vibe energy healing, refreshingly honest insights, spirited nutrition, Raw Republic’s fresh-pressed green juice, and of course, aliens, in the heart of New Orleans.

To say it was life-changing would be an understatement.

Prior to the event, which we should mention, happened in January (and we’re still raving about it), we had no idea what to expect other than that we’d be spending the weekend with two of our favorite luminaries.

pic via @dr.amberleighcarter

pic via @dr.amberleighcarter

Ladies, they did not disappoint.

They showed up BIG.

Hosted by earth angels, Sheena Mannina, owner of the celebrity acclaimed Raw Republic Juice Bar and Wellness Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Amberleigh Carter, doctor of Metaphysics, certified nutrition consultant, and founder of Kinection Holistic Health, with guest appearances by intuitive healer, Giselle Whittington and Raw Republic’s resident acupuncturist, Noell Eanes, the BWS (Basic Witch Supercourse) was without question, the best way ever to kick off 2017.

Almost two months later, we’re still vibing high from the magic that unfolded and the energy that accumulates when a room full of basic witches come together, step into their power, hold space for healing, and lift each other up.

If you weren’t able to make it this go-round, don’t worry; the next one’s set for October 2017! In the meantime, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite lessons, not-to-miss moments, key takeaways, and bits of wisdom from the weekend so you don’t miss a thing.

But first, a quick sneak peak inside Raw Republic because look at how gorgeous it is!!

Light, open, airy, lots of white, weathered wood, insanely gorgeous crystals, fresh scents of palo santo, and a hanging succulent wall (need I say more?).

Those chairs, I know. West Elm. I asked.
Light, open, airy, lots of white, weathered wood, insanely gorgeous crystals, fresh scents of palo santo, and a hanging succulent wall (need I say more?).
raw republic interior 2.jpg
Back to the recap!

10 Gems of Wisdom From The Basic Witch Supercourse With Sheena Mannina & Amberleigh Carter


1. Question everything.

Including everything you *think* you know, societal ‘norms’, and the current “rules” you live your life by. Whose rules are they? If they’re not your’s… maybe it’s time to make new ones.


2. Be open to your opinions changing.

This is SO important. It’s one thousand percent OKAY to change your mind. Even if it doesn’t make any logical sense at the time. The need to be certain shuts down creativity, inspiration, and a pool of infinite possibilities.

Instead of upholding rigidity and the need to be right, be open to constantly changing your opinions. That thing you thought you wanted? You might not want it anymore. Be okay with that. Your opinion is your opinion, which means, you guessed it, YOU are allowed to change it.

While this kind of flexibility does take courage and little bit of gusto, it opens you up to limitless expansion, which, is never super comfortable but, always a good thing.


3. Check in with yourself on the reg.

Taking time (everyday) to tune in to you, and your needs — call it, outrageously honest introspection or inner alchemy— is everything.

When you’re vibing high on our own truth, you’re much less likely to get caught up in comparison or pick up other people’s energies. Plus, it’s incredibly difficult, almost impossible, to move forward or make progress without acknowledging, honoring, and accepting where you’re at right now. As Sheena and Amberleigh suggest, tune out to tune in to elevate even higher. This goes for every area of life because… spoiler alert: contrary to the current social construct that encourages us to look outside of ourselves for answers, you CAN trust your body and your own inner wisdom to guide you to the things (foods included) that best support you. That’s spirited nutrition 101.


4. What you feel is always an important indicator. Always.

Be honest with yourself. If you think something is negatively affecting you, it probably is. This goes for most things in life: boys, dairy, staying up til 3am… etc. Your gut is an oracle, listen to it.

You always have, and always will be, your own greatest healer.


5. Lose your (logical) mind.

To quote #nonguru, Tony Robbins — who, was obviously channeling Sheena at the time —  “Stay in your head and you're dead.” Logical thinking can only get you so far. It’s when, and only when, you begin to lead with your curiosity that invisible doors open, new opportunities present themselves, and creative ideas unfold.

How exactly do you ‘lose your logical mind’ without you know, channeling Britney Spears circa 2007?

Tune into your heartspace.

This means, more joy, more play, and most importantly, more fun. To repeat ourselves (see #4), what you feel is always an important indicator. Always.


6. Surround yourself with those that don’t see your limitations.

Again, SO important. As the beautiful Danielle LaPorte so eloquently describes, your vibe — as in, the energy you send out into the universe — quite literally, attracts your tribe. To put the basic witch spin on that, your vibe also, REFLECTS your tribe. In other words, you are a direct reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

So, does your current inner circle lift you up, inspire you, and encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself? Or, do they drain, deplete and exhaust you?

Now *might* be a good time to re-read number 4 and check-in.

When someone sees you as your highest self, they hold the space for you to elevate. If they’re constantly putting you down or discouraging your dreams — whether they're consciously aware of it or not — they’re not supporting your energetic growth.

The same goes for how you see others (and yourself). If you’re judging, critiquing and repeatedly putting people down, you’re not holding space for them (or yourself) to rise up.

As both Sheena and Amberleigh do so generously, seek to elevate.


7. The world needs more donuts.

Specifically the mint chocolate melt-in-your-mouth delicious kind from Raw Republic. Trust: The hype is real. They’re completely wondrous. More donuts would elevate the world (and our tastebuds).


8. Energy work, works.

And it will work on you, even if you don’t totally understand it.

This was so reassuring. You do not have to completely grasp the concept, understand, or even believe in the power of energy therapy to benefit or see results. Your subtle body will receive exactly what it needs regardless, that’s how energy healing works.


9. You don’t need a fancy title.

This was also incredibly reassuring. You don’t need endless certifications, specific credentials, or fancy letters in front of your name (although let’s be honest, Dr. Amberleigh Carter sounds mega impressive), to do this work.

If you hold the intention to heal and allow Universal energy to flow through you, you too can act as a powerful conduit for healing.


10. Take life less seriously.

Humor is helpful. Sometimes more so than anything else, especially when you're an adult and having a day.

To repeat ourselves (again), prioritize joy, play, and most importantly, fun.  

As Sheena and Amberleigh so radiantly embody, fun isn’t a diversion to health and wellbeing, it’s the pathway to it.

sheena ig.jpg

Huge thank you to Sheena and Amberleigh for fearlessly showing up, holding space for true transformation, and facilitating such an unforgettable weekend. Strong women like you light up the world. We’ll definitely be making our way back to NOLA very, very soon.

Got questions about the Basic Witch Supercourse? Where to stay? What to eat? What to pack? Ask away in the comments below!

And in case it wasn’t clear, we HIGHLY recommend the Basic Witch Supercourse. It was (truly) a weekend of limitless possibility.

One more thing: Olivia, Katherine, Giselle, Noell, Carla, and all of the other iridescent beings we had the pleasure of sharing this experience with, we love and adore each and every one of you.

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