10 Bookmark-worthy Alchemy Insights For Your Archives

To inspire your week, a quick collection or (re)collection of high vibe truths, tips, and wisdom compiled into short and sweet one or two liners.

Because sometimes, that’s all you need.

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10 bookmark-worthy Alchemy Insights for your archives:

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1. Small conscious changes create the basis for radical transformation.

Small incremental changes incorporated over time, work. You do not need to make monumental total overhaul type changes in order to improve your life or your health. Okay… sometimes, you do, but realistic changes, incorporated SLOWLY, over time, are just as powerful and for some, infinitely more effective. Nothing, including an, “all or nothing” mentality should ever derail you.

2. What you feel is always an important indicator. (Always.)

It’s OK to change your mind. Often. Whenever you need to. Even if it doesn’t make any logical sense at the time. What you feel is always an important indicator. Always.

3. It’s this or something better.

The Universe is always working for us, but not always working on our time. There’s a plan in the works that we are all blissfully unaware of. So sometimes, not getting what you want is the biggest blessing of all.

4. It’s important because you say it is.

How you spend your time is totally and completely up to you. It doesn’t matter what “they” think or say. Your life should reflect YOUR priorities, not be a reflection of someone else’s.

5. (Self) love wins.

Love wins (self-love wins too), because if you don’t give to yourself, first, you can’t possibly give to anyone else. Well, you can, but it WILL without a doubt only be a small part of what you’re actually capable of.

6. It’s a spoon, not a shovel.

What’s equally—sometimes even more so—important than the food you’re eating? HOW exactly you’re eating it.

7. Self-compassion is your superpower.

Don’t judge yourself for judging yourself. See how that *might* create a problem? It adds negativity and shame to negativity and shame, creating MORE negativity and shame. It’s a debilitating cycle. Instead of hating, go easy on yourself. Work towards self-compassion. Self-compassion is your superpower.

8. Healthy living starts with actually living.

Fun isn’t a diversion to health and wellbeing, it’s the pathway to it.

9. Your story heals.

Because if you’re struggling with it, you can safely assume 200,000+ other people are also struggling with it.

10. Open your eyes to awe inspiring moments.

Seek to see things with wonder, in all circumstances. Perspective changes everything.

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