30 Day Meditation Challenge - You in?

Because it’s the 30th, we’re very into challenges, and even more into public displays of accountability, consider this our outing. Since we posted our great big guide to meditation last week (click here to check it out if you haven’t), we’ve actually sat down to meditate it maybe 3 times? And we know (as well as you), that in order to experience the benefits of meditation you actually have to do it, consistently.

Therefore, we hereby commit to 30 consistent days of meditation.

5 minutes a day for 30 straight days.

And if we can do it, you can too.

You in?

Atta girl.

Pic via  Instagram

Pic via Instagram

Throughout the 30 days we’ll be sharing our top tips, helpful insights and our go-to meditation tracks and resources. Sign up below to become an Alchemy Insider so you don't miss out and leave a comment letting us know you're also committing to 30 days of meditation.

New around here? Read this first: How To Meditate - A Helpful Guide To Becoming More Zen. It has everything you need to know begin your own meditation practice.

Here's to being 30 (million) times more mindful,
Erika & Jess

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