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You can diligently avoid “junk” food and drink your weight in green juice, but if your 9-5 is sucking the living soul out of you, you’re staying up waaaayyy too late, and you’re constantly comparing yourself to “her” and her perfectly curated Instagram feed, you’ll never feel full, no matter how much kale you eat.

Why your green juice isn’t working:

In seven words (because we like to keep it simple): It's about more than just the food.

Because true health—the lasting kind that radiates from the inside out—isn’t found in calorie counting, restriction, fad diet trends, or even just “healthy” eating; true health—the feel amazing, look amazing, luminescent type of health—is the byproduct of a nourished mind, body, and spirit.

See for yourself...

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Everyday for the next three weeks, you’ll be given a challenge to complete that will nourish you the WHOLE you, mind body and soul—from the inside out. By the end of the three weeks you’ll poise a calmer demeanor, fresh new perspective, and will have strengthened the connection to your own inner alchemist, aka the real you. (Side effects also include an inexplainable iridescent “glow”.)

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Take a look:

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While some of these challenges may seem simple (that’s kind of the point), they all provide powerful, profound, and scientifically proven benefits to make you feel, well, good. Because we believe committing to small, realistic, conscious changes in your daily life creates the basis for radical transformation.

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Here’s to a new kind of nutrition & the lovely iridescent glow that goes along with it.

Erika & Jess

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