Our Top 6 Natural Beauty Obsessions + A Dirty Hippie Confession

We get asked about our favorite beauty picks all the time so here you are loves, our top 6 beauty obsessions.

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1. Rose Water
We are OBSESSED with this stuff. Spritz it on as a toner or whenever you need a refresher. It’s magic and we swear by it. We also drink it.

Coconut Rose Water Tonic:
Mix 1/2oz of rose water with 8-12oz fresh coconut water. Make sure your rose water is safe to ingest! Sip and be radiant. 

2. Pearl Powder
Exactly what it sounds like, the powder of a ground pearl. We throw pearl powder into our daily green smoothie to provide luminescent skin. 

3. Flower Essences; Beauty Formula No8 By Alexis Smart (Jess’ pick!)
More magic (and more alcohol than I’ve consumed in the last 3 years combined, hah! — flower remedies are distilled in brandy), this stuff is incredible. I am almost halfway through my first bottle and let me tell you, this is the real deal. Not only has my skin improved dramatically since I started this round (one bottle lasts about 90 days), but the emotional benefits I’ve experienced so far are insane. Also, Alexis, the iridescent being behind the brand is an absolute gem.

4. Oils
We love, love, love oils! Although it seems counter-intuitive, but the appropriate facial oil won't make your skin oily and won’t make you break out. In fact, even those of us with combination or oily complexions (us!), can use them without breaking out. For the face we love pure argan oil, apply a few drops in the morning or evening after your skin cleansing regime and for the body, pure coconut oil. After you shower, pat yourself dry and lather the body with coconut oil. All natural, moisturizing, and inexpensive, plus it smells amazing! 

5. Mud Shampoo
Yes, mud! Totally earthy crunchy, dirty hippie, but also kind of bohemian chic, right? We’re obsessed. Our cousin actually turned us on to this stuff and it’s the best shampoo we’ve ever tried. It keeps our locks luscious, soft and mermaid-like without any gross chemicals or fragrances. Our favorite is Terressentials. And a total dirty hippie confession.. we only wash our hair once a week! This stuff works!

6. Manuka Honey
We love applying a simple healing Manuka honey face mask. It's become a weekly ritual. Simply take a teaspoon of Manuka honey and apply it all over your face (avoiding your eye area). After 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Your skin will seriously glow. 

Hope you enjoyed our natural beauty must-haves! What products are you obsessing over right now? We’d love to hear! Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

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You’re gorgeous, act like it. XO
Erika & Jess

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