New Moon Magic: Amplified

Hello, beauties! 

New moon magic is in the air—and it’s totally freakin’ magnified! The New Moon in Pisces happens Friday (tomorrow!), March 20th at 5:46am (Boston time), alongside a Solar Eclipse. "It’s also right at the end of the Zodiac, gracing the magical, strange degree of 29 Pisces.” 

So what does this mean? Well, the New Moon marks the perfect time to set intentions and plant seeds for the future, so think of tomorrow’s New Moon energy amplified, super-heated, and basically dialed up to a 12 on a scale of 1-10. According to astrologer, Pam Younghans, from North Point Astrology this is, “Arguably the most powerful week of 2015, in astrological terms…"

“We might call this a pivot point, a time of choosing new options and releasing the old. It is a time for breakthroughs and insights, when we can ride the energies of change into a new future.”

Harness that energy! 

Amplify your dreams and desires with a vision board & show the universe that you and your dreams mean business! Post em’ here! We will be! 

If you want to read more about the New Moon, check out this beautiful post over at Mystic Mamma; amazing insights and all things astro:

"Dream and vision what we can contribute to create the world we wish to inhabit. From simple acts of kindness, beginning with the Self, the revolution will birth forth from within each of us. For as we heal, we help others heal. As we shift our vibrations, we contribute in unseen ways to uplifting the energetic web that connects us all." 

So much love, 
Erika & Jess