10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Your First Yoga Class

10 Things you need to know before taking your first yoga class; love, your yoga instructor.

1. First and foremost: you don't have to be flexible to go to yoga. I repeat, you DO NOT have to be flexible to go to yoga. I seriously get this all the time, “I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible.” Sorry, but that is the worst excuse ever. You go to yoga to get flexible—not the other way around. 

2. Come prepared for class. This includes: bringing a water bottle and a sweat towel, you WILL need both; wearing proper attire ladies and gentlemen, and that doesn’t mean the latest lulu crops. It means, we don’t want anything falling out that’s not supposed to! So ladies, no skirts, and gents, compression shorts underneath your gym shorts please. Coming prepared to class also includes putting on deodorant prior to class (personal hygiene is important). Thank you. Sincerely, your yoga teacher & fellow yogis. 

3. Don’t be late! Therefore always arrive early, preferably about 15 minutes early. This gives you plenty of time to check in and register for class, put your mat down inside the studio, change into your yoga clothes and anything else you might need to do before class actually starts. 

4. Don’t leave early. And if for whatever reason you must leave early, leave before savasana, never during. And always let the instructor know before class begins that you have to slip out a few minutes early which brings me to my next tip.

5. Introduce yourself to the instructor before class starts and let them know you are new! During said introduction, also inform the instructor of any injuries you have so they can provide suitable modifications/adjustments. As an instructor I try my best to introduce myself to all the new faces in class but occasionally I do miss someone so be sure to say hello! And don’t be afraid to ask the teacher how to modify a pose once class has started! The instructor is there to help. 

6. Just a note that everyone should be aware of: most studios have mats available to rent but not all yoga studios wash their mats after each use. If you find that absolutely disgusting, bring your own. 

7. The studio is a no phone zone. Class is 60-90 minutes, you do not need to check your email, insta, fb, twitter, tinder?, etc. during that time. Get off your phone.

8. The girl/guy handstanding every other pose was once a beginner (and worked there asana off to get that handstand). 

9. Even if you're an ironman, crossfitting, ultra marathoner, superstar, please start in a beginner or all levels class. You need to learn the basics, proper alignment, and foundational poses in order to build your practice. Yoga is freakin’ hard so begin as a beginner (even the most advanced yogis carry a beginners’ mindset).

10. Last but not least, don’t take it too seriously. My teacher always says, “A sense of humor is even more important than the breath,” and I couldn’t agree more. 

There are hundreds of different types/styles of yoga out there and there is something out there for everyone. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not feeling your first class. Give it time, try a different style, and practice. We promise your yoga is out there. 

Any other advice or info you want to share with all the potential yogis out there? Start the conversation! Leave a note in the comments below. Know someone who wants to give yoga a try? Share this post with them!

Namaste, yogis.

All my love,
Erika & Jess

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