Look Back to Look Forward: 2015 Reflections

As 2015 comes to an end it’s easy for us to start jumping ahead. Planning, scheduling, and filling up our calendars for 2016. We’re always striving for what to do next, which isn’t a bad thing, but we often don’t take enough time to appreciate how far we’ve come and just how much we’ve accomplished.

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Take a minute to reflect on your year.

Celebrate every moment, every win, every loss, every lesson, and all that you’ve done.

What did this year teach you?

Use any of the following journaling prompts to soulfully reflect.

We’re big fans of technology but for this one actually write out your responses (there’s something incredibly magical about putting pen to paper).

  • What did this year teach you?
  • What was your greatest accomplishment this year?
  • What was your biggest lesson this year?
  • What was one thing that scared you this year but you did anyway?
  • Who helped you this year?
  • Who did YOU help this year?
  • Three of your most precious moments this year were ..

Leave a comment below sharing anything reflective. We read and respond to every single one.

Look back to look forward.

This year is going to be great.

We can feel it.
xo, Erika & Jess

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